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Your Radionic Miracle

Sometimes when I stare at the blank screen and ask, "What can I share with newer radionics operators that will really help them?", I get an immediate idea and the words just flow. Other times the blank screen just stares back at me.

To me you don't start really running with radionics work until you have had your first "miracle". Once you have had your first one, you strive to find the next and the next. Then at some point in your practice radionics miracles are a nearly everyday experience.

The key is to get to that first miracle. In order to get it, many of us start by documenting the work. We analyze, balance, and reanalyze. We watch the numbers change, we look for the patterns and then we go look to see the physical changes. Sometimes we see them and then we have our miracle. Sometimes we don't see them right away and we wonder whether all of this radionics "stuff" is really just in our heads.

This isn't some dark radionic secret. We have all felt these same things at one time or another. We have all wondered whether what we are seeing is just coincidence. In fact, one of the things I tell people about my work is that "I arrange coincidences."

In my practice I see more radionic miracles when I ignore the physical symptoms and I balance on "touchy-feely" things like love and forgiveness. Then I reanalyze my subject and see that all of the numbers have changed. My instrument shows nutrient levels normalize. It shows pathogen levels decrease, toxin levels going down and emotional issues leveling out. Then more often than not, I get a call or a note telling me all about all of the physical changes my clients are seeing and feeling.

I have come to understand our physical reality is a combination of energy and information. When we have enough energy we can change the information. When we change the information, physical changes soon follow.

Your own radionic miracle starts with good record keeping and ends with paying attention to the details. It means we must SEE what we are looking at. It means that most of what we are seeing is nothing more than symptoms.

We can go through the myriad of rate sheets and we can balance on the hundreds upon hundreds of rates and never find the cause. We see changes in our subject. We see healing, we see relapses, we see more healing. But until the core cause is found and corrected our work is never done.

Perhaps you are new enough in your radionic work, where you have started asking yourself when are you going to be doing all of this work? You see the hundreds of rates. You see that when you balance on one or two everything seems to change and you must go back and reanalyze all over again.

You can see yourself doing this for a loved one, or even a beloved pet, but there simply aren't enough hours if you wanted to do it on any kind of larger scale. You could consider adding additional instruments. You can analyze on one while balancing with the other. You consider adding additional accessories so your balancing is faster. You may have even considered some of the computerized or automatic radionic instruments.

Before we go further and before you spend more money, consider this: The radionic industry in the United States was based upon an allopathic model. Meaning, most of the work that has been done in the last 60 years is based upon addressing physical issues as if they were physical. That approach absolutely works and I won't deny its effectiveness. However, you have already discovered that approach is time consuming and extremely limited. It is that approach that has left many radionic instruments in the closet. People know radionics works, but they also know they are not going to spend hours upon hours at the instrument every day.

After you have your radionics miracle and are starting to realize how much work this COULD be, but before you give up, consider this. When you disregard the symptoms and go immediately to the root cause, then all sorts of symptoms simply disappear on their own.

When the cause is corrected the body usually heals itself. Maybe all of those headaches, muscle cramps, and constipation are simply a result of dehydration. Maybe the chronic fatigue is the result of imbalances in the biology of the gut. Maybe that string of infections is related to an impaired immune system. Maybe that impairment is nutritional. maybe it is due to toxins, or just maybe it is due to blockages in the Core Beliefs of the individual. My point being, that simply addressing the physical issues is never going to solve the problem.

That is why pharmaceutical companies are so successful. The drugs never solve the problem. All they do is treat the symptoms and create side-effects. So why would you think that radionic treatment of symptoms would be any different?

Without a doubt, addressing symptoms is sometimes necessary just to mitigate suffering. But in the long run, your radionic miracles will come from solving problems.

So how do you find and address the base causes? That can be extremely difficult and may require extensive technical or medical knowledge. OR, perhaps we don't necessarily need to know the details. Perhaps if we simply get the energy flowing properly that will be enough to clear the cause.

That is my approach. I have no desire to spend untold hours of analyzing balancing and re-analyzing. I have no desire to become either a medical expert or an expert in all other things. In my view, Nature is already expert. In my view, I don't need to replace Nature, all I need to do is support her.

When you look over my collection of reagents, you'll notice that the vast majority of them are energetic and esoteric. They are not simply a collection of vitamins, minerals, or chemicals. My reagents are designed to restore energy flow.

I search for that fundamental point of creation, so that I can add just enough energy to correct any and all issues of disease and dysfunction. I look into the inert and suppressed functions inherent in our DNA. I look into those non-beneficial thought forms that inhibit wellness and healing. I look into the various spiritual traditions to see what it is they use to perform so-called miracle healings.

When I read about a Master that heals the sick, and he tells us that the things he did we shall so as well. I take that as a clue that what he did was not magic, it was not mystical, it was a skill. And if it was a skill, it can be learned. I have learned some of those skills. I use my instrument to help me learn and to assist me when needed with better focus and more energy -- energy and information.

SO here is the thing, your radionic miracle is not really a miracle at all. It is no more than the proper application of science and creativity. The magic of healing is not magic. We have been taught that it is magic, but I think that is so we don't test to see where our true limits are.

People that really understand radionics are free. You cannot scare them or intimidate them because they understand how our reality really works. Do radionics people still have all of the same challenges of other mortals? Yes we do. Sometimes we get ill, sometimes our paths are blocked, and sometimes more money would make a big difference. But in the final analysis, I am still free.

If I get sick, I am not beholding to anyone else. Not only can I find the cause, but I can correct it and then I can use my instrument to help find the person or persons that are best able to assist me. I can watch the circus that is politics and know that this is the same circus that humanity has been addicted to for thousands of years. I can choose to participate or I can choose to let others participate while I watch them waste their life force.

So while we often refer to our work with a particular case or a particular issue as our Radionic Miracle, the real miracle is the one that is between your ears. That is the miracle of awakening to your true power and your true potential.

I am not the same man I was 5 years ago, or even a year ago. I keep growing and changing. That is my radionic miracle. I notice it most often when I meet up with someone I haven't seen for some time and I realize how much the same they still are.

So keep smiling and dialing and searching for that cause and while you are at it, your true miracle is happening just by you doing the work.