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Tools for Quick Analysis

One of the greatest benefits of using radionics is our ability to analyze any number of details. We can analyze the whole, a part, a part of the part and even the mineral balances in those parts of parts. We can get so lost in the details that sometimes we lose sight of what it was we were looking for in the first place.

Looking at details can be a great help when searching for that underlying cause. Those same details may not be as useful when we are looking for trends, or when we simply don't have time to do in-depth analysis.

It is for those times I look for general readings that can give me a lot of information in a short amount of time.

General Vitality (9-49) gives us a yard stick to measure the overall coherence of the energy system. That is a good place to start, but many times we need a little more information.

Power Factor (76-10.5) has to do with the strength of the energy field projection. This is fully explained in the lecture concerning the Embryonic Cell Cluster, but for now if the Power Factor is below 640, then the cells throughout the body do not have a strong enough signal to be able to differentiate properly. This one measurement can tell you if the body is able to fully heal.

Somatids 1 through 3 tell you if the cells are healing or are in recycle mode. All three should be near or above GV. If 1 is higher than 2, then the organism is getting sicker. If they are equal, the organism is stable and if 2 is higher than 1 the organism is healing. Again these rates are fully explained in other lectures, but for now this gives us another quick tool to help us evaluate the status of an organism or any of the organs or tissues in that organism.

Another pair of measurements are Number of Blockages (36.6-52.3)(11-10) and Intensity of Blockages (5-55.5)(81-17). Blocks in the energy field are where disease and dysfunction start. So while these measurements don't tell us where the blocks are, they can tell us right away whether a reagent or a rate increases those blockages or reduces them.

So let's suppose you are asked to look at a sick pet. You find the General Vitality is low, the Power Factor is below 400 and Somatid 1 is higher than Somatid 2. Right away you know that disease and infection is coming from inside the cells. You also know the organism is too weak to properly and completely heal.

That tells you no amount of anti-biotics is going to turn the tide. It also tells you that even if you get the infections under control, at best there will be a lot of scar tissue and healing will be very slow.

When you see the number and intensity of blockages you can tell right away what reagents reduce them the most.

Now, you can craft your balancing approach. You don't need to know the details of the infections since until the Somatids are balanced the cells themselves are producing the pathogens. You don't need to know that this particular blockage is emotional or this one is nutritional. That is because you can see you are reducing the overall number of blockages and when those blockages are removed the organism can heal itself. You can look at the Somatids in an organ and know right away where the infection is coming from.

Using benchmark rates in your analysis can greatly simplify your work by showing you overall trends without the necessity of getting lost in the details. That being said, there are times when detail work is necessary, so I am not discounting how important it can be. But what I am saying is most of the time the details of the issues don't help, but can actually slow you down and camouflage the real issues.

When you approach a project with the idea everything is a combination of energy and information, and everything in the physical is a result of the energetic, your life gets a lot simpler. You don't have to be an expert in nutrition, anatomy, biology, soil science, or pathology. All of that information can help and can certainly be useful. Since radionics is energy work, then the natural approach to any issue where you use radionics is to look at the energy.

I use these tools all the time. They have saved me countless hours of detail work and tedious analysis. Perhaps they can do the same for you.

If you have questions about some of the things mentioned, review the lectures that are posted.