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Remove Curses

Removing curses seems to be a reoccurring theme that we must touch on every so often just to remind everyone.

By curses, I don't just mean the deliberate or diabolical curses. While those do exist and can be very debilitating, the curses that plague most of us are the non-deliberate ones.

These are the little curses that can build up a little at a time. Maybe it is a little curse simply from driving. Maybe it is a little bigger curse because of the political bumper sticker on your car. But most likely it is the little curses you have placed on yourself or those that are accidently placed on a property.

The example I use is the wet spot on the creek bottom. It has been there for as long as the place has been farmed. I imagine the first man to plow through it cursed it, I know Dad cursed it, my brothers cursed it and I probably did as well.

Or maybe it is the little curse you place on yourself when you describe your "bad" knee. Or the curse you place when you tell someone that EVERYONE in your family gets this something or other, or perhaps you tell people that you get every cold that comes around.

Maybe you curse yourself by saying all you have to do is look at food and get fat. Or any number of a thousand other curses. Think of a curse as simply a thought-form that restricts energy flow. Removing curses can be seen as restoring that same flow. So, remove Curses (67.25-71.75)(53.75-53.25) is a simple two bank rate.

If there are curses, running the rate will raise GV. It is just that simple. The downside of using this rate is that it does not identify what the curses were or even how many there may have been. So it doesn't stop you from continuing to curse yourself or your property.

It is a simple easy to use rate, so give it a try and see how it can really speed up your balancing and healing.

Keep smiling and dialing!