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Source Essence -- the Energy Factory and More

Basic biology teaches us mitochondria are the energy factories of the cell.

They produce the ATP using the citrus or Krebs cycle. They are also involved with signaling, cell differentiation, controlling the cell cycle, growth and death. If you think about it, it would seem that the cell works FOR the mitochondria and not the other way around.

But things get stranger...

Mitochondria do not have your DNA. Their DNA closely resembles that of a bacterium. They reproduce independently inside the cell.

When the cell needs more energy, mitochondria reproduce. When the cell needs less energy, they go dormant and even begin self-destructing.

Studies show that 70% of mitochondrial enzymes decrease when exposed to light. That may indicate when there is more light, cells need less of the ATP energy produced by the mitochondria. This is a clue to a number of physical and spiritual phenomena.

In mammals the egg has the mitochondria that end up in the embryo. So, your mitochondria are your Mother's.

When you study what these little energy engines do, you walk away with more questions than answers.

Simple dowsing will show you that less than 100% of the energy of the cell comes through the mitochondria. If that is the case, then where does the rest of it come from?

Since they live symbiotically within the cell, if the cell dies they die as well. So what is their evolutionary advantage of being in charge of cell death?

Perhaps when we look at them in the cell we are looking from the wrong perspective. These things are involved with all aspects of cell life and have a role in cellular communication as well. Their DNA structure is not the double helix we are familiar with, but a simple ring.

We know that cells communicate with bio-photons. So what reason would mitochondria have to communicate with anything outside of the host cell? Maybe the host cell is simply the container for the individual mitochondria and the individual mitochondria are not individual at all but part of a larger organism within the host.

That would explain the communication functions and it also explains how individual mitochondria within a cell could be involved with apoptosis but not be self-destructive.

So, when our cells communicate is it OUR cells or is it the special ring structure of the mitochondria that is producing the bio-photons?

Rather than being passengers in our cells, when we see the work of the Somatids is it a result of the mitochondria that makes the mitochondria more of the conductor than passenger? It also makes us a willing host for this beneficial parasite (symbiote).

I came to the conclusion several years ago that while our digestive system is our primary source of energy and nutrition, it is likely that it is a backup system designed for emergencies and not supposed to be our primary source.

Most diseases in man and animal are directly related to the food that is eaten and how it is digested. Too little or too much of one thing and the system goes into a detoxification mode. Just look at all of the organs that have major detoxification functions.

The liver chemically processes and neutralizes toxins for elimination. Alcohol is a toxin and when a person's liver is operating at full efficiency alcohol will not make you drunk. My liver is not that efficient, but I know people whose livers work that well. Allergies are often symptoms of impaired liver function as well.

The kidneys filter toxins from the blood. The intestines separate nutrients from toxins and eliminate the waste. The lungs release the waste gases from cellular respiration.

Our skin is the largest elimination organ. When we see rashes and other issues with complexion they are symptoms that the skin's ability to eliminate toxins has been overwhelmed.

When we eat, we separate the nutrients and energy and expel the waste. We have a number of systems designed to destroy parasites in the food and our senses of smell and taste help us choose the food that has the nutrients we need while avoiding poisons.

When we eat other living organisms we absorb not only their physical nutrients but also their Somatids and their life force energy. Butchers have known for generations that if the animal is scared, tired, or stressed when it is killed, the flavor and texture of the meat is poor.

With that in mind it follows that when we eat other life forms the life force (or Chi) we are taking from them is recycled. Not only is it recycled, but it is changed and perhaps even degraded by the time we get it. Then when these nutrients reach the cells the mitochondria go to work to produce the chemical energy needed to sustain cell life.

How much of our required nutrition is the physical chemical nutrient and how much is simply the energy signature of that nutrient?

We know that homeopathic preparations statistically have none of the original chemical molecules, yet still have measurable effects on biological systems. That would indicate cells can use just the energy signatures of molecules.

So if we could use homeopathics exclusively for our food we would not need any detoxification. Of course, homeopathics do not provide for cellular energy. They are information-only preparations. But with this clue we already have proof that it may be possible to feed a cell using only energy and information.

The food we eat is just such a combination. It contains energy and information. When we chew, the nerve connections from our teeth pick up the subtle signatures of the food and transfer them throughout the body. Each tooth is connected to an organ. When there is a disruption in the organ we can see it in the associated teeth and vice-versa.

We know that people who chew their food thoroughly are able to digest and assimilate it better than those who do not. Consequently they are often more healthy as well.

We have assumed that simply breaking the food into smaller and smaller pieces and mixing it with the enzymes in saliva are the keys to that assimilation. However, that does not seem to be the entire story. A large part of our ability to assimilate nutrients from our food has to do with the act of chewing it and transferring the energy signatures of the food through the teeth to the organs.

This part of eating does not produce physical waste. While we don't know for sure yet, it may be that the act of chewing the food may be as important as digestion itself. Likewise, there is no waste or detoxification necessary from homeopathic preparations since there is no physical debris to eliminate.

When we eat living things we are recycling Chi, and we absorb the life forces of the plants and animals we consume. As we move through the food chain there are creatures that take their life force directly from the environment. Most plants grow and reproduce, not by EATING other creatures, but by feeding them.

When a plant needs additional nutrition it produces exudates from the roots to feed bacteria and fungi. In turn, the bacteria and fungi bring nutrients to the roots in exchange for the exudate. The plant feeds the life in the soil and life in the soil feed the plants.

Plant Chi is pure, virgin, and directly from Source. But, to produce that Chi most plants need light.

Mitochondria produce cellular energy based upon demand, and they decrease production when exposed to light. It follows then cells are capable of using light energy directly, which decreases their demand for the chemical energy.

Maybe when we see someone that suffers from the Seasonal Affective Disorder where they get depressed and lethargic in winter, it is NOT a mental issue. It is more likely that SAD is a cellular issue. Moreover, the people that suffer from SAD are probably the same ones that are better able to use energy directly from the light.

When we study food and blood types we find that O-POS meat-eating blood type seems to flourish in the cooler areas, whereas the A and B blood types do better with plant based diets. From what we have learned about the genetic manipulation of the human species perhaps what we are seeing is three separate manipulations; each one pushing humanity further from our connection with Source and Source energy.

I am an O-POS blood type. O-POS is the meat eater. My ancestors came from the warring tribes of Northern Europe. Eating meat is connected with aggression, where eating plants is connected with passivity.

This makes sense. When my ancestors hunted for food the animal being hunted would often be scared before it was killed and eaten. When an animal is scared it produces the fight of flight hormones (adrenaline). If the animal was running, the muscle cells were producing as much energy as possible. If the animal was a typical plant eating herd animal, then each cell would have a large number of mitochondria in order to produce the needed energy for every time the herd was spooked.

So, it becomes a never-ending cycle. As the animals in an area became more reliant upon each other for food, the cells compensated to make it easier to extract energy from the food. That allowed animals (man included) to live in areas where there was less sun and even move into areas that were dark for long periods of time.

If our cells have even a limited capability to extract energy directly from the environment how do we optimize that capability?

Dr. Dan Scow taught that the crops in our fields had the capability to absorb all of the nutrients (except calcium) directly from the air. If plants can do this, can animals as well?

That question leads us to the people that claim they live on sunlight alone. They claim they are able to extract not only all of the energy they need but all the nutrients as well, directly from the environment. They claim that they do not need to eat and many claim they don't eat at all.

These Breatharians may be telling the truth or they may be lying. There are stories of people like this throughout history. Even if only ONE of the stories is true then it is possible. If it is possible, then the key lies in the cell's abilities to absorb energy and information directly.

If our cells are able to feed themselves directly then each one would have near ideal nourishment. If the cells are nourished they don't get sick. If they are nourished they are able to easily repair themselves.

If the cells are not burning chemical energy, they are not consuming oxygen or producing carbon dioxide.

That would mean if our cells are being fed directly, breathing issues become irrelevant. That means issues with digestion don't particularly matter either. It also means that circulatory issues become less important as well.

That is what Source Essence is designed to support. If it is only 10% effective it is a life-saving miracle. Imagine the possibilities of using Source Essence in conjunction with even basic Breatharian techniques.

In a Universe of unlimited abundance we see the most successful eco-systems are also the most cooperative ones. We see that when an eco-system has high levels of competition that system is highly stressed. The more stress the more competition and less cooperation.

I can understand that during ice-ages or other calamities when sunlight was in short supply how entire eco-systems would come to rely upon eating each other to survive.

But, in our current climate there is ample sunlight. Perhaps our next evolutionary step is to step back to taking our sustenance from Source and not each other.

Source Essence is still in testing. I make no claims as to what it can or does do. At this point my only claim is what I have intended it to do.