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For those of you who desire to hire out your agricultural,
"Marty Lucas is a highly-skilled and talented SE educator and con-sultant, as well as one who knows the ins-and-outs of organic farming. We are most fortunate to count him among those in our community of practice."

George Kuepper, VP Agriculture USPA
SE practitioner, teacher, author, and researcher
business, or personal projects, I offer a full line of radionic consulting services.

Radionic balancing helps promote vitality and support immune response and can suppress pests and parasites. Properly balanced soils naturally suppress weeds as well. Plus, radionic balancing can help you reduce your use of
chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

Agricultural consulting is $1.50/acre/month for field crops ($15/acre for emergency work) and $300/month for large greenhouse and small plot crops. Animal and herd
"Marty is one of the best teachers I know. His ability to connect with all his students ensures that everyone gets all that they can out of his classes whether you're a beginner or an advanced energy worker. The energy and radionics work that Marty does rates with the best in the industry!"

Scott Ertl, Organic dairy farmer
SE practitioner and radionics inventor
services are quoted based upon the project.

I also offer Radionic Wellness Support service for clients. General support is just $45/month. Individual projects including analysis and my Longevity Program are available on a quote basis.

For your business and career needs, I can help you bring lucidity to your management, operations and career path choices and challenges.

Email me at marty@EveryAdvantage.net for details.