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Power Up!

The development of "Power Up!" traces back to the concept that we live in a holographic projection of light.

Our souls have manifested the body in this incarnation and are "playing" a particular character. We know the person we are in this life is not the real "me", but simply an aspect of me.

Likewise, when I see who I am, I'm the same observer that looked out of these eyes when I was 10 as I am today. The same observer, just with different information.

It is like my soul is running a computer program of this personality. I add subroutines and change this or that, but my soul remains the same.

If we take that analogy to on-line computer gaming, the character on the screen has certain attributes and as the game progresses adds certain skills and tools etc., but the player is always the same.

Suppose this reality is actually a type of computer program? Suppose our work is really about changing the programming and/or adding attributes to our character? Further suppose that our program is just one of billions of other programs all running on the same mainframe at the same time.

Now, we already know that when we accumulate more energy we are able to do more...

The Huna's won't work on someone unless they have at least an energy level of 200. Nor will they do any work themselves unless their energy level is at least 400.

When we are talking about energy, what is it we are talking about? Focused and clear intent help things to manifest quicker because the "computer" is more focused on manifesting the single clear thing instead of manifesting and un-manifesting and changing and refining.

In the computer world the energy of the character or perhaps the speed of the program is often related to how much CPU time the program can use. If the program has a high priority it is faster than one that has a low priority.

That gives you an idea of the thinking behind Power Up! It has nothing really to do with power whatsoever, nor was it programmed with power in mind. It increases your current program's CPU time.

So, whatever programs you are running will run at a higher priority. The good things you wish to manifest happen quicker, the not so good things you think about happen quicker as well.

While the "I am Source" reagent connects you with the creative principal, "Power Up!" then gives you the computing power to deliver.

The reagents I have on hand are kept in inactive mode. I potentized a large stone and keep it inactive as well. Only when I consciously wish to work in a clear and deliberate fashion do I pull them out and activate them.

The last thing I want is my mind to start manifesting my stray thoughts (until I have them disciplined).

Power Up! is $299 and this also includes your choice of 2 more reagents at no additional charge. Your value can exceed $1000 for all 3 reagents. Marty