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You may already know that Somatids tell a cell when to repair, when to reproduce and when to self-destruct. Somasols do for the organism what Somatids do for the cell.

For a long time scientists have known that errors in cellular replication are the root cause of your aging and dysfunction. It is also known that higher forms of life have robust genetic controls that detect and correct errors in cellular replication. These genetic controls are in the "junk DNA" that scientists are currently working to decipher.

Sadly, this "junk" portion of human DNA operates at approximately 20% efficiency. This low efficiency rate results in an accumulation of cellular misinformation that we see as aging. However, when the Somasols are properly balanced your cellular error detection and correction can approach 90% efficiency!

It's important to note that Somasols are NOT the mythical "fountain of youth", and they cannot make up for a toxic lifestyle. However, when Somasols are properly balanced they can help your body stabilize and even slow or halt further deterioration. Even though balancing Somasols will not bless you with the fountain of youth, they are the next best thing.

In order to increase your lab efficiency, your Somasol vial can be used as a reagent in a radionics application. It can also be use in the same manner as one would use a healing crystal, or it can be worn or carried on your body.

When you receive your reagent, you will notice there are no markings on your vial. An absence of markings is to ensure no outside symbols contaminate your broadcast frequency. Also, be careful that you handle your vial sparingly and clean off all your fingerprints before using it or storing it.

Your custom case is an orgone accumulator and wave guide to keep your reagent at peak potency, and it also protects and shields your reagent. Ensure you store it away from electrical and electronic devices. Do not copy the vial or you will destroy its effectiveness.

In early experiments Somasol's track record clearly shows that the younger the subject (2 legged or 4 legged animal) the more marked the response. In addition, elderly subjects also show marked improvements too. Dogs and cats respond very favorably as well. Your Somasol reagent should remain 100% effective indefinitely. If it fails to perform as expected within the first year, simply return it for a replacement. $600 marty@EveryAdvantage.net

 5 Aces Custom Reagents Laboratory - (July 29-30, 2017 -- limited to 12 attendees):
(Note: Streaming video available Oct. 15, 2017)

Never before has the subtle energy and radionics practice experienced instruction at this high level. For 2 days you will be guided through the proprietary methods Marty Lucas implements to achieve his one-of-a-kind results with his custom reagents. Five reagents will be dissected for you to discover the "who-what-when-where-why-how" of the results you can achieve with ELT, Ho'Oponopono, Bf2, H2, Somasol. You'll also be invited to a surprise bonus as part of the lab!

In addition, you will learn how to develop your own custom reagents to take your subtle energy technology and radionics successes to an exponentially higher level. When you are dead-on serious about your subtle energy and radionics practice and your clients, you can now join this inner circle and experience a laboratory event that is perfect for you. NOTE: this test laboratory may be offered only once.

Refer to Inner Circle for more detail about why Marty is sharing this proprietary information that took him years to discover.