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Mineral Suites - Your key to another dimension in scanning mineral rates:

Physical minerals and their rates have been used in countless projects. The Kelly Rate Manual has a rate for nearly every mineral in the Periodic Table; these are the rates for the physical characteristic of the minerals. The Mineral Suites are much more.

When I build a mineral suite, I include the physical frequency (either with a sample or a rate), 3 octaves above the physical and 3 octaves below. The result is a reagent that captures the alchemical properties normally associated with the mineral.

It also means that many of the mineral suites are too strong to be used by themselves and will generally lower General Vitality when used alone. However, when they are combined with synergistic mineral suites they tend to balance in ways I am only beginning to understand.

For years I generally ignored the "lore" associated with minerals and elements. I didn't study which heavenly body was associated with which mineral, simply because I didn't see a practical use for the information. On occasion I would use a picture of a planet as a reagent, but I had not gone any further.

However, as soon as I built the first mineral suite, I was compelled to revisit the subject and start compiling my notes. The properties the alchemists attributed to minerals and metals are exactly the characteristics that are derived from the "other than physical" octaves of a mineral.

While you are experimenting with the different mineral suites you may find it useful to remember that each organism has a special affinity to an element and when the corresponding mineral suite is broadcast, the energy field of the organism changes dramatically.

Avoid allowing this brief description of mineral suites to lead you to believe mineral suites are not that important. This may be one of the most profound breakthroughs in rates in decades. Once you begin experimenting with mineral suites you will realize the enormity of this statement.

The recent 5A workshop was based on the discovery and application of mineral suites -- and the limited number of fortunate practitioners who attended this workshop are now viewing radionics on a different level. An 8-10 hour streaming video set is now available that captures the highlights of the 5A workshop. You can review the details at 5A. Marty