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Core Beliefs: What you can change when you balance "I love myself. I deserve to be happy. I deserve to be healthy."

Just as illness starts in the energy field before it becomes physical, healing does as well.

However, all too often we find that some of the most basic beliefs people hold about themselves interfere with their ability to heal.

These Core Beliefs include; "I love myself. I deserve to be happy. I deserve to be healthy."

Over 90% of the people I work with do not love themselves. Deep down they feel they are unworthy of happiness. In addition, they have been trained that if they eat certain things or fail to exercise or any number of other things, they don't deserve to be healthy.

When these Core Beliefs are absent, their bodies won't heal, no matter what. However, when these same beliefs are present, they often heal quickly and completely.

These Core Beliefs radionics reagents have specific frequency patterns that can be reinforced and supported. So even if the Core Belief stills needs to be remedied, the dysfunctional frequency that lead to the health issue can still be suppressed.

When worn as a pendant, you feel lighter, happier and more confident. When used as a radionic reagent, the barriers that have prevented healing seem to melt away.

These three radionics reagents are valued at over $600. They are three of the most important radionic reagent tools you can use with your clients. Together they are powerful tools to help propel your practice forward.

The Core Belief Suite contains the frequencies of "I love myself. I deserve to be happy. I deserve to be healthy." I am offering it at a discounted price of $349 for the first 25 customers. In addition, I will include a power-charged pendant for the first 10 orders at no additional charge.

This pendant can be worn on a chain near the heart Chakra or carried in the pocket. Additional pendants are $149. That is a total value of $749 at more than a 50% discount. Order yours today and see what a difference it can make for you.

Do not attempt to copy either the radionic vial or the power-pendant. All Every Advantage reagents come with a no questions asked 1 year warranty. Simply return the item for immediate replacement. CAUTION: Just like all of my power-charged reagents, test to make sure they are appropriate for your project before you broadcast.