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Vivaxis - Your Connection to Earth

Judy Jacka, in The Vivaxis Connection, describes our connection to Earth and how it empowers us.

Each of us has a unique connection. We process energy and information from Earth through our Vivaxis. According to Jacka, that connection is set sometime during gestation. However, my work has proved the picture is more complicated than that.

I agree there is the primary connection, but what I have seen is that during stressful or traumatic times our energy body can establish additional Earth connections. I picture like throwing out a lifeline.

When we have an issue that overpowers our energy body, we instinctively establish another connection to bleed off the excess power. If you have ever had an electric shock, you probably have a connection there. If you have had other severe trauma or even emotional shocks, you probably have those connections as well.

With a little dowsing you can quickly check to see how many Vivaxis connections you currently have.

Since each connection brings Earth energies and information to you, imagine the confusion and missed signals you could be getting from all of the extra connections. Not only could you be receiving different information through each connection -- even if the information is identical it could be slightly out of phase so the signal becomes distorted and confused.

Remember when we all had TV antennas and we could get ghost pictures that would fade in and out, or sometimes you would get a picture from one channel but the audio from another?

These extra Vivaxis connections may not be in your best interest. In addition, my research shows that your primary Vivaxis (the connection from birth), may not be the optimal one for you. Your optimal Vivaxis may not even be on this continent.

If we are all here to accomplish certain things according to our Soul Mission, then it would make sense that our Connection to Earth be the best one for us. That way we get the information we need in a timely fashion.

To get your Vivaxis connection in order, the first step is to connect to your optimal Vivaxis: 23.50-86.40. If you are curious you can dowse to see where it is. It is not critical that you know, but it is kind of fun and may help you better understand your Soul Mission.

Once you have your optimal connection, then you can disconnect from the non-optimal ones: 55.20-38

That gets your Earth Connection optimized for you. Later you can work to optimize information flow through your Vivaxis.

But for now, keep smiling and dialing!