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Learn To Avoid Victimhood

In eastern spiritual traditions the soul comes here to learn specific karmic lessons. They list a total of 14. Learn to Avoid Victimhood is one of them. (the others are laid out on my Longevity Protocol)

I am sure we have all run across people that according to them "things" happened "to" them. Someone was always doing them wrong and bad things just seemed to happen. In a smaller sense we often run across people who accept being the victim of the latest cold or flu that goes around.

In reality, things don't happen to us, we create them or allow them to be created for us. So if you accept you are a victim, then you are letting someone or something else create your life for you. If that is OK with you then go no further, but if you have people in your life that need to step up to the plate and start taking responsibility for the life they are creating, then Learn to Avoid Victimhood 64.75-73 may be just what is needed.

Just because you may have learned this lesson and moved on doesn't automatically mean you are somehow more spiritually mature than anyone else. All if means is that of the 14 lessons, you don't need this one anymore.

One of the tenants of eastern spiritual traditions is that once the soul has learned these lessons well enough they don't need to reincarnate. By that definition since we are both here, whether it is this lesson or some of the others, we all have plenty to learn as we work on ourselves.

So take a look at Learn to Avoid Victimhood, then find the other 13 lessons in the protocol and test to see which ones are weak for you. It is a great exercise in self-exploration.