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When we are working with people that have suffered trauma (especially veterans) our goal is to look beyond the physical. There can certainly be physical issues that we want to address as well as emotional issues, but perhaps some of the most damaging are the result of the Core Beliefs.

Even though a veteran may have had the blessing of government, he or she knows deep down that killing people goes against their Core Belief system. Logically, they can cope with the concept of killing an enemy, but deep inside there are programs instilled since birth that identify murderers as evil.

So right or wrong, these veterans end up judging themselves for actions that were necessary while they were in combat. These conflicts create energy blockages and the energy blockages lead to mental and physical health issues.

Over 90% of the people I work with don't love themselves. Imagine how much higher that figure is among combat veterans. Many don't believe they deserve to be happy and many more don't believe they deserve to be healthy.

I love myself. (22.6-42)
I deserve to be happy. (97-27.5)
I deserve to be healthy. (82.4-81.75)

Balancing these three Core Beliefs will go a long way toward helping the individual to heal.