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Soul Retrieval

In some Shamanic traditions and other healing modalities we find the concept of the fragmented soul. The idea being that when we have a trauma we cannot process, we can box it off and leave a small portion of our soul with that trauma to hold it in place.

In the short run, this allows us to continue to function after horrific events. It is particularly common in combat veterans. In combat, a soldier discards a lifetime of being taught to treat others as he would be treated. The soldier not only sees an enemy that wants to kill him simply because of the color of his uniform, but he is trained to dehumanize his enemy as well. This causes irreconcilable conflicts, so in order to continue to function (and even to survive) the combat soldier will often fragment his soul around these events.

When we see someone that "has been through a lot" and keeps functioning, we often see they can easily become detached and distant. They have found they can segment their lives into different pieces so that the irreconcilable differences don't have to be processed.

This may be what allowed the guards at concentration camps to keep going to work every day. It also seems to be present in many areas of modern society where people separate their work from their "real life" and are shocked and surprised when the two come together.

The recent media blast about the President's spokesperson getting thrown out of a restaurant is a perfect example. She, her family, and her co-workers never dreamed that her work would interfere with her "real-life" when she left the office. She had segmented her personal and professional life.

She doesn't see the hypocrisy because she keeps those two parts of her life completely separate. The problem is, our lives cannot be segmented and kept separate forever, and at some point the pieces must come back together. If it is done properly, the reunion can be smooth. If it is allowed to fester until it explodes, the reunion can be painful and can even threaten a person's sanity.

The soldiers that suffer PTSD MUST find a way to reunite their experiences and process them into the person they are today. The longer the pieces stay separate the more difficult the reunion.

The other issue that becomes apparent is that the more our Soul is segmented, the less there is available to deal with today's issues. So, over time the segmented soul becomes more fragile. Even small events can trigger major melt-downs.

The first step to a solution is to retrieve the segmented portions of the soul: Soul Retrieval (64.20-33.80). Then, when the pieces are rounded up, integrate them back together: Soul Coordination (36.75-76).

These two rates are used one followed by the other. Make sure your subject has their energetic cords properly connected and optimized, because there will be a lot of stored energy coming through that will need processing.

The more fragmented the subject, the more trauma they have survived, the more likely the reunification and coordination will be uncomfortable. But regardless of how uncomfortable, once the process is complete the subject will be in a much better position to process the daily events of life.

As always, check to make sure this work is in their highest interest and that it raises their General Vitality. It is easy to assume it will, but be warned if the issues are too severe, then reunification and coordination may be too much and may cause more damage.

In addition, while we think of using these tools after major trauma, do not be surprised if even seemingly small events have caused some fragmentation. Even the most "normal" of us may have some fragmentation, so it may pay to include some of these procedures in even routine projects.