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Sleep Modes for Energy and Information:

Sometimes we wake up in the morning refreshed and ready to go. Other times we wake up with the solution to a problem. It turns out there are different modes of sleep:

The first is the Energy Sleep Mode (27.5-24)(51-32.2)
The second is the Information Sleep Mode (49.5-45.25)(51-31.2)

This is based upon the work of Scott Ertl, the inventor of the Ertlizer.

So for those times when you desire a restful sleep, the Energy Sleep Mode is ideal. For those times when you are seeking an answer to an issue, then use the Information Sleep Mode.

In my experience neither of these rates take a lot of time for balancing. For me, I simply use the built-in timer on my Beacon. If all you have is a personal unit, then you can use an inexpensive kitchen timer and dowse for time.

Each of these rates are easy to use and have been found to be very effective.