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I am safe...

The programs we have running in the background greatly shape our lives. It isn't what our consciousness believes about the world so much as what our subconscious believes that seems to make the most difference.

These are the things that are the most difficult to root out because they are so much a part of ourselves that we often don't even notice them. We have talked about "I love myself, I deserve to be happy, and I deserve to be healthy." These are critical for healing. But there are many many more and some of them seem so benign that we tend to overlook them.

One of these is the simple; "I am safe." It goes well beyond physical safety, although that is very important. It can often go towards deep internal fears concerning love, money, and even food. If you grew up when there were times you went without, you may have food issues that ultimately rest on how safe you feel from starvation.

Hoarding is a classic example of people that feel unsafe. Many of the "preppers" and end of the world types also feel unsafe. I am not saying that these fears are unjustified, but until we do the work and see if the fears we carry with us still serve us, we don't know.

I have a fear of spinning machinery. I got caught in a machine when I was a boy and that fear has stayed with me. That is a fear I find very useful. It is not irrational. It makes good sense to me. Some say I am overly cautious around moving equipment. Perhaps they are correct, but then again I haven't been caught in a machine in almost 50 years.

It is the other fears, the ones we haven't identified and examined are the fears that can confine us to a life of tension and distrust.

If it is in your best interest try this 2-bank rate. I am safe: [(38-27.60) (43-76.50)]

If you have an animal that just won't settle down, perhaps it doesn't feel safe. Give it a try and let me know your results.

Keep smiling and dialing!