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Reactivate Mitochondria

Mitochondria are the energy factories of the cell. They produce the ATP using something called the citrus cycle or Krebs cycle. They are also involved with signaling, cell differentiation, controlling the cell cycle, growth and death.

If you think about it, it would seem that the cell works FOR the mitochondria and not the other way around. But things get stranger.

Take a second and dowse for yourself to see how much of your cells' energy is produced by mitochondria. If the answer is anything less than 100% then we have an entirely new avenue of research to pursue. If your answer was 100%, try blind dowsing the question and see what you get.

Mitochondria do not have your DNA. Their DNA closely resembles that of a bacterium. They reproduce inside the cell independently.

When the cell needs more energy, mitochondria reproduce. When the cell needs less energy, they go dormant and even begin self-destructing. Studies show that 70% of mitochondrial enzymes decrease when exposed to light. That may indicate when there is more light cells need less of the ATP energy produced by the mitochondria. This may be a clue to a number of physical and spiritual phenomena that I will be exploring in my next 5 Aces Class.

In mammals, the egg has the mitochondria that end up in the embryo. So your mitochondria are your Mother's.

What if the Mother was extremely active when the egg is produced? Would that egg then have higher numbers of mitochondria and would the embryo likewise have higher numbers as well? More mitochondria means the cell has a greater capacity to produce energy. Does that relate to how energetic the fetus will be? Or for that matter the child itself?

If the cells in our livestock have large numbers of highly energetic mitochondria will that relate to faster growth? Or, do the mitochondria in cells respond quickly enough so that as energy demands increase so will their numbers?

What if instead of reactivating mitochondria we get them to multiply instead? What if you could double the number of mitochondria in your cells right before a major athletic event? I don't know these answers.

When I scanned this rate I believed that when an organism was low on energy simply reactivating the mitochondria would be enough to get it that extra shot it needed. In fact, that is exactly what I see when I use it. Reactivate Mitochondria 30.25-58.25. The organism gets a burst of energy. But simply providing that burst does not solve the underlying issue as to why they were inactive in the first place.

Moreover, when you study what these little energy engines do you walk away with more questions than answers.

Since they live symbiotically within the cell, if the cell dies they die as well. So what is their evolutionary advantage of being in charge of cell death?

Perhaps when we look at them in the cell we are looking from the wrong perspective. These things are involved with all aspects of cell life and have a role in cellular communication as well. Their DNA structure is not the double helix we are familiar with, but a simple ring.

We know that cells communicate with bio-photons. So what reason would mitochondria have to communicate with anything outside of the host cell? Maybe the host cell is simply the container for the individual mitochondria and the individual mitochondria are not individual at all but part of a larger organism within the host?

That would explain the communication functions and it also explains how individual mitochondria within a cell could be involved with apoptosis but not be self-destructive.

When our cells communicate is it OUR cells or is it the special ring structure of the mitochondria that is producing the bio-photons?

Rather than being passengers in our cells, maybe when we see the work of the Somatids it is as a result of the mitochondria.

All of these are good questions and will require a lot more work to figure out. But, in the meantime when your subject needs a shot of energy this may be the ticket to perk them up. But then you still need to find the cause and correct it.