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Missing DNA

The idea that our DNA has been manipulated over time is still controversial. Based upon my testing, I have found a number of anomalies in our DNA.

While it is well documented in ancient writings, modern science has not accepted it, nor have most main stream religions. Fortunately, we have the ultimate "lie detector" and we can test these ideas for accuracy.

The anecdotal evidence is striking. Prior to the Biblical Flood, records show men and women supposedly lived for hundreds and even thousands of years. Afterwards, lifespans shortened to what we now accept as normal. Throughout my work, I have tried to find what changed to shorten our lifespans.

While changes in environment cannot be discounted, changes in DNA seem to be the primary cause. Chromosome 2 shows visible signs of manipulation. The X-chromosome seems to have genes added to it and when Chromosome 6 is repaired, Somasols level out automatically.

But what I cannot see is what DNA may be missing on the physical level. However, from previous research just because something is not showing physically, does not mean it is not still present energetically.

That led me to cold scan a rate for Missing DNA. It is a 4 bank rate, so if you don't have a Kelly Tuning Station (go to page 11) you will need one. NO you cannot make do and try to balance it in pieces and NO simply writing it down is NOT as effective as dialing it in. If you want 100% results you need 4 banks (or use a reagent that was potentized with the 4 rates).

Every time I offer a multi-bank rate, I am asked if writing it down is just as good. It is NOT. It can be used in an emergency when all you need are partial results, but for optimal results you need the equipment to do it properly, or use a reagent that was built properly.

That being said, here is the rate for missing DNA [(61.2-41) (52.7-56.7) (60.8-35) (80-23)]. The concept behind this frequency is to link the etheric energy field of the complete DNA to the physical and bring that frequency into the DNA so the missing portions will regrow.

For them to regrow means it will take some time for the physical molecules to coalesce and form the codons. But in the meantime, it can be used as a simple test to see if there is missing DNA. If the intensity is not GV then there are parts missing.

Here is what I have found so far. There is some DNA missing. Adding the frequency for the missing DNA seems to significantly lower the 9-49 General Vitality reading, but raises white light, expected life span, and octaves 2 and 3 of General Vitality.

That tells me there is a mystery here that needs resolved! More research! I want to find out why physical GV goes down, but other significant markers go up!

It is my initial hypothesis that physical and spiritual are NOT balanced and that too much energy is being spent in physical which deprives the other octaves.

What those pieces are and what they are supposed to do, we won't know until we've got them replaced and activated. But, if they are in the etheric template and not in the physical, then they are supposed to be there.

Happy smiling and dialing! Marty