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The Magic of Manifestation!

Your manifestation rate-of-the-week is short and sweet, yet can pack a lot of power!

Whenever we are at a "Spiritual" or "New Age" conference someone will be talking about manifestation. But, no one talks about how long it may take. For some, it seems instantaneous. For others, it seems to take forever. That is why I developed the "Manifestation Delay" rate: (8.8-96.6)

Manifestation is a result of a combination of focused energy and intent. With better focus less energy is required. With more energy, less focus. Each of us has differing amounts of each so our delay for manifestation is different.

This is a fun rate to run on any new project where you want to know how long you can expect to wait. Another great use for it is to evaluate your intent statements for clarity. The more precise the intent statement the less time it will take to manifest.

Try it. Then change a single word and see how it affects your manifestation delay!