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Managing the Ether: "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." Napoleon Hill

The concept of our material universe being connected by the ether was accepted for thousands of years, then briefly rejected for the last hundred and is now coming back into acceptance.

Radioncially, we can show the ether exists and with that understanding we can begin to manage it.

In order to understand what we are dealing with, we must first understand that our physical reality is a combination of energy and information, both of which come from consciousness. So, it is consciousness that produces our reality. Taking it a step further it is consciousness that produces matter.

Each thought that we have produces a result. Since most of our thoughts are unfocused and of low energy, they produce nothing much more than a "piffle" in the greater scheme of things. They quickly dissipate and for all intents and purposes are gone.

Highly focused and energetic thought-forms manifest into reality, but for our purposes here I wish to deal with the millions upon millions of unfocused and low-energy thought-forms. Think of them as you would a slight thickening of the ether. If they had better focus and more energy, they would turn into something, but because they do not, all they do is thicken the ether, then they go away.

Now, think of yourself standing in this ether. Some areas are thicker than others. There are a lot more "half-thoughts" in some areas and these "half-thoughts" just tend to slow things down. They don't have enough energy to manifest themselves, but there are enough of them to create static in the ether.

These under-powered thought-forms create dissonance, so when you are creating a new thought-form this dissonance interferes with your new thought-form pattern. It is like the thicker the ether, the more difficult it is to manifest because your thought-form gets shorted out by all of the half-thoughts floating around.

The slower you move through the ether, the more it coagulates around you (I am not talking about physically moving.). So we see mentally alert and engaged people surrounded by ether that is very thin. Whereas people that are entrenched in belief systems and "stuck" seemed to be surrounded by very "thick" ether.

Further, people that are moving quickly are not as affected by the group consciousness as those that move slowly.

For our purposes I have the rate for Ether Viscosity (thickness of the ether):
[(61.7 - 50.6) (35 - 56.5)]

If a peraon has a reading over 600, the person has a thick ether (not good). A reading between 200-500 is a thin ether, and a reading of 2-5 is an optimal ether.

In many cases it is not beneficial to balance on Ether Viscosity, especially for those that already have a relatively low reading. However, in other cases it seems to be very beneficial as it helps their own thought-forms to manifest without interference from the group.

The viscosity of the ether around a person is a symptom. So balancing on the symptom may correct some things in the short run, it will not solve the problem.

Keep smiling and dialing! Marty