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In our everyday world we are surrounded by fears; some large, some small, most imaginary.

We fear what our politicians are doing. We fear what the weather will do to our crops, or perhaps what it may do to our homes. We fear our health may fail, or our children may be hurt. The list goes on and on.

When we experience fear it comes hand in hand with a feeling of powerlessness. It comes from the feeling that something outside of our control is going to do something TO us.

From the logical left-brained approach to life, these fears may seem legitimate. But before we accept that premise, let's examine it a little further.

In many spiritual traditions we create our lives. We create the blessings and the good times and the other times as well. In Christian traditions, God only gives us the challenges we can handle. And in all of these traditions, each of our challenges is designed to make us stronger and better people.

The Muslims refer to it as the "will of Allah". We often refer to these events as "acts of God".

So if we are creating these things or these things are here for our own good, what is there to fear? In fact, doesn't the feeling of fear indicate a disconnect from Source? If we are connected to Source, then we would have nothing to fear, since we would know we either created it or it is in our best interest.

Further, when we measure fear in a subject, it provides us with just how disconnected they really are. When we analyze for fear (26-45.13) we can see how the fear acts as a block to that stops information flow between the subject and Source.

We already know that pain often measures energy blockages and that when we remove the blockages not only does the pain subside, but healing is enhanced. What if a major portion of that blockage was fear itself?

In my work I have found fear to be a major blockage. I have found that when it lodges in tissues and organs those tissues and organs remain weakened and stressed. Likewise when the fear is reduced the tissues and organs often heal.

I live in the real world and there are things that scare me. But when I step back and analyze my fear, more often than not it has no basis. Even when those fears seem valid and I connect with Source and examine them closely, they often evaporate completely. It is only when I passively accept those fears in my life that I allow them to block my energy.

When sales are slow I can allow the bills to create fear. If I let that fear fester, the situation just gets worse. When the rains stops falling and the crops are drying up, I can let the fear of crop failure consume my thoughts. I start imagining all of the terrible things that could happen. That simply adds energy to the fear pattern and helps those things I fear the most to materialize.

But when I stop the fear-porn, when I quit visualizing the terrible things and spend my energy on solutions and alternatives, I get solutions and alternatives. Then when I look back I see there was nothing to fear in the first place.

That leads me to our media culture. If you follow the news you can see it is just one sound bite of fear porn after another. How many other things in your life are fear based?

Is your religion fear-based? Are your politics? How many of your relationships are fear based? Is your work based in fear or love?

They say that any decision we make will come from love or fear and that our fear based decisions will always be wrong. Think about that for a while and tell me if they are wrong.

I have thought about it and I think they are mostly right. The exception may be paying taxes. Ha!

So as you are doing your work in plants, animals or soils, see if there is fear stored there. If there is, see how quickly things change when that fear is reduced.