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Your Divine Purpose and Following Your Purpose in Life

Throughout society we see people that are sick and getting sicker. They often hate their jobs, hate Mondays, yearn for the weekend, and plan their entire year for the few days they can spend on vacation.

These people eat garbage food, they cover up their symptoms with prescriptions, and in extreme cases self-medicate with drugs or alcohol to dull the pain of how miserable they really are. After a certain age they yearn for the day when they can finally retire and do what they always wanted to do.

The issue is a simple one; they are not doing what they love.

Here's the rub... If you are not doing what you love, then someone else is and that makes you redundant. Perhaps it's time you tuned into your Divine Purpose (18.75 - 61.25) (52.75 - 95.50).

Think of it this way... In Nature there are no tests. Every environmental niche has the perfect creature for that niche.

When my field needs calcium, I see dandelions. If I kill the dandelions, then I get thistles. If I kill the thistles, I get poison ivy and thorn trees. That's because Nature has a job that needs to be done. The different plants weren't being tested. They were growing there because they were the perfect plant to do that job. The conditions were ideal for them and if a plant could be happy they were happy.

You are the best qualified of all of humanity to accomplish your soul mission. Whether you succeed or fail means little in the grand scheme of things to anyone but you, because if you fail then someone or some thing else will be sent in. No testing, no wondering if or why; that is just the way it is. In fact, it is no different than if you were to hire a carpenter.

Suppose the carpenter shows up, looks around and decides that instead of installing the new cabinets he details your car instead. Perhaps your car needed detailing, but the issue is that is NOT why you hired him. So, you fire that carpenter and you hire another. In the meantime, now that your car is detailed you don't hire the high school kid from down the block, so he is out of a job. Likewise, you wouldn't hire a carpenter to fix the leak in the toilet. He could probably do it, but he wouldn't be very happy and he may not even have the right tools.

In my view, our life on Earth is similar to the carpenter situation. We can do almost anything. But, the things that we love to do and the things we have a natural talent for are the things we are supposed to be doing. We are supposed to follow our passion.

I can make pretty good money as an on the road salesman. Even though I am good at it, I hate it. It is not my passion. If I had to do that every day, I would end up miserable. Miserable people tend to cut their lives short through self-destructive habits. It is Nature's way of clearing out those creatures that are not doing what they are supposed to be doing so that She can bring in ones that will.

You see, I don't believe this life is a test. I believe this life is a job. If we are following our passion we will be doing what we are supposed to be doing, we will be good at it, and we will be happy. If not, then we will be redundant and marked for recycling.

When you follow your passion you don't look forward to retirement because that would mean you would no longer be doing what you love. You also find that Mondays are just as good as any other day and if you do take a vacation it is more to be with your loved ones that it is anything else.

Nature does not waste. Everything is recycled. Plants that are no longer needed get sick and die. Maybe that is why we see so many of our contemporaries that have a myriad of health issues and are taking handfuls of medications. Something is definitely wrong.

I am sure this is somewhat of a simplistic viewpoint and there are exceptions to every rule and there are people that get sick even when they are following their passion. But, from your experience what do you see?

How long does that average factory worker last after he punches the time clock for the last time? Look around your own circle of acquaintances. Is that guy or gal that drinks too much really happy? Is that gal that just went in for another operation doing what she really loves? How happy is the guy in the corner that is tipping the scales at 600 pounds?

Are these people following their passion? In many work places there may not be ANYONE that is doing what they really love. Think about that for a minute. What happens if you waste your life and neglect to follow your passion? Do you think the rest of the world cares? In fact, if you were to drop dead on the factory floor tomorrow, how long would it take before there was some other miserable sod standing on that very same spot?

So, let's think of this in a purely selfish manner. You are perfectly designed and programmed (if you will) to do the things that make you happy. Doing the things that make you happy is your Divine Purpose.

In the same manner that we hire a carpenter to do a job, we were born for a specific purpose. If you are not fulfilling your destiny then you're not needed. You won't be happy and perhaps worst of all, why are you being miserable doing things you don't like when someone else is doing what you love INSTEAD of you. So, when we "sacrifice" our happiness the world simply moves on without us and the only one that loses is us.

Take a moment and check the intensity of Divine Purpose. If it needs to be balanced, then you may wish to step back and examine WHY it isn't where you would like it to be.

Keep smiling and dialing!