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Desire to Heal

Having permission is not always enough to get the job done. We can do everything right, have the right permission, have the correct rates and the perfect witness, but can still fall short.

Success in healing relies on the simple premise that the subject wants to heal.

On the surface this seems apparent. They have symptoms they don't want and they ask for help, etc. But unless they are willing and ready to heal, it won't happen.

Many times these impediments are buried in the subconscious, but it really does not matter if the subject is aware of the reason or not. If they don't want to heal they will not.

Remember, it is the subconscious mind that manifests the body. So, every disease and dysfunction is manifested by the subconscious. It is the subconscious that must be ready to heal. Simply asking the subject won't get you the information you need.

When you are having some challenges with a case, check out Desire to Heal 38.25-7.5. If it is lower than General Vitality, then the reason it is lower must be addressed first. Finding the reason can be a challenge in and of itself, but that is exactly what must be done.

For me, I ask if the lesson associated with the issue has been learned and accepted. That takes care of many of the impediments. But, after that it will be up to you to find out why they "want" to keep their issues.

Perhaps the issue gives them much needed attention. Perhaps it has become a part of their personality. Or perhaps if they were to heal they would have to return to work... The reasons are many.

Keep smiling and dialing! Marty