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Create Your Workspace

Whenever we start a project we first decide what our objective is then we check to see if it is safe and appropriate to proceed. What do we do next?

For me, I optimize the witness (43-50.50) and then I Create Workspace. (57.50-56)(63.60-54.40)

The idea came to me when I was in my farm shop. Before I can start another project on the bench, I need to clear a place to work. In an ideal world my workbench would be clear and clean all of the time, but my shop is not so different than the energy world.

We do not find vacuums in Nature. Wherever we look there is something there. When we move something, something moves in to take its place even if that something is only air. In energy systems there are no vacuums either.

So, if we are going to be adding energy to a system, changing frequencies or whatever, then it will be easier and faster if we have made room to work. That is what Create Workspace does. It simply provides a clear energetic work bench for us.

This simple concept is not critical. You can certainly skip over it, but in my experience when I create workspace it cuts my balancing time. For me, less balancing time means more time to do other work.

I don't analyze on this rate. I simply dial it in before I begin balancing on anything else and dowse for time to balance.

Short sweet and to the point for a great time saver!

Keep Smiling and dialing!