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Levels of Consciousness

David Hawkins wrote about the levels of consciousness in his book Power vs. Force.

His scale ranges from 0-1000. The basic level of integrity is 200, unconditional love at 540, and the greatest sages and teachers calibrate at 700. I used to work with an individual that told me he was the 3rd best dowser in the world and his LOC was over 840. Sadly, he was neither.

Richard Barrett created the Barrett Model of Consciousness based upon Maslow's work. In his model there are 7 levels; Surviving, Conforming, Differentiating, Individuating, Self-actualizing, Integrating and Serving.

Both models are good, but for our purposes Hawkins' model provides us with numbers that help us to quantify what we are seeing. But by comparing the two together we can get a good idea of where we are and where others are as well.

Now before we get too carried away, I suggest that you actually read Hawkins' book. He makes a number of claims, but that will give you the background you need. In addition, the Level of Consciousness is NOT a score card. Being a few points higher or lower on the scale only tells us where they are on the journey. not how good a person they are.

Where these numbers become useful is that we have found it is very difficult to communicate with persons whose LOC (level of consciousness) is either very much higher or lower than your own. Since the LOC of 200 is the minimum for integrity, if someone's LOC is less than 200, perhaps you should consider why you are working with them at all.

As humans become more aware, we see the world from different perspectives. Those perspectives bring additional meanings to the events in our lives. Just like the Bible has many layers of truth in it, depending upon where you are when you study it, life is exactly the same way.

So the things that happen to you when you are in 'survival mode' will mean something completely different to you if you experience those same things once you are in a mode of service.

The reason it becomes difficult to communicate with persons of LOC's much different than yours, is that even the words we use mean something different. We may both be using English, but that is often where the similarities stop.

Just look at our politics. One of the reasons communication has become so difficult is that the people themselves have become so different. People living in fear on a survival level do not see things the same way as people that are individuating or self-actualizing.

Neither is better than the other as they are both simply places on the path. However, just as there are natural roles for all animals including parasites, that does not mean it is a good idea to culture tape worms in your digestive system. While all are created equal, it makes good sense to associate with persons and ideas that are of a higher LOC than your own as opposed to a lower one. Those that are stuck in survival mode are often the most limited among us.

Even some of the richest and most powerful are stuck in survival. To most of us, the idea of having millions or billions is the ultimate mark of security, but for many of them, they must keep accumulating wealth and power in order to feed that basic survival instinct. Perhaps that is why many of us don't understand their level of greed or short-sightedness. We don't understand it simply because we have moved beyond fear.

Not unlike the proverbial tree full of monkeys; when we look down we see a tree of monkeys and savages. But when we look up, (different from the original story) we see people that simply don't understand how the real world works. Doesn't that nicely describe how perspectives changes as the Level of Consciousness increases?

So how do I use Level of Consciousness 54-45.75? First of all, it is a good idea to know where you are so you can see how well you will be able to communicate with your subject. If the gap is too large, you will have issues. What you see and say will mean something completely different to them than they do for you. Likewise, if the subject has an LOC of less than 200 there will be serious issues with integrity.

That being said, the lower the LOC the more likely there will be issues with negative emotions, spiritual attachments, and problems with the aura. That may mean you will need to balance on those issues and the Ho'Oponopono before you will be able to do much else. Given there are beings that feed on low frequency emotions, when you eliminate the fear and hatred, the 'flavor' of the loche changes and those beings will either fight to bring the subject back down or they will leave.

That leads us to another use for the LOC measurement and that is to evaluate written materials including books, songs, paragraphs, and even single sentences. For instance, if your LOC is significantly higher than a book that you are considering reading, is it really worth your while to read that book? If the LOC of a story (even a news story) is less than 200, then you know in an instant that the story is untrue.

That provides you with a scale that may be more useful than a simple dowsing yes/no. Suppose someone sends you a lengthy article about a subject you are very interested in. Overall the article tests for a high LOC. You then go through the article and find those things that are not true. They may not be lies per se, but simply mistakes or misinterpretations. But, when you find and discard those issues, the overall LOC of the article will climb considerably.

This allows you to sort truth from fiction and also allows you to evaluate those things that are more likely to raise your Level of Consciousness as well those things that would tend to lower it as well. In fact, if you like dowsing and the simple yes/no, then a great question to ask is simply if it raises your LOC or not.

Of course the question comes when people ask if they can balance on Level of Consciousness. I have tried it but have not seen significant results. LOC is a great indicator but not a great balancing tool. If the subject is lower than is healthy, look for the reasons why and correct those and watch their LOC rise.

There is an old adage that if you can measure it, you can manage it.

Keep smiling and dialing!