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If you have taken my WizIQ class, "What is General Vitality?", then you already know General Vitality is a measurement of the coherence of a system. That means it measures how well all the pieces and parts work together.

When General Vitality is low, the organism is often ill (or on the way to getting ill). When GV is high, the organism is very seldom sick and is much more resilient to stress.

Since it is a measurement of coherence, there is no theoretical upper value for GV. Realistically, we rarely see it over a few hundred or perhaps into low thousands. So, a higher general vitality means the system is more coherent.

But, over and over we are instructed NOT to balance on GV. We're told that balancing GV simply disports the measurement without making any significant changes. That is why I came up with a rate for coherence. It is a 3 bank rate: [(70.47-78.75) (99.7-42.6) (77.4-82.5)]

The nice thing about this rate is you can balance directly on coherence. Since it is not a directed rate, meaning it is not working on anything specifically, it is often slower than working on details. The advantage though is that it typically balances the most out-of-balance things first as it works toward higher coherence.

Unfortunately, it doesn't tell you what is changing. So, if you were concerned about a particular mineral or perhaps an infection, it may or may not EVER work on those things. It simply works in the background and brings balance to the entire system and with balance comes coherence.

If you have a project that doesn't have severe symptoms that need to be addressed, and where time is not a critical factor, this is an easy way to work on the entire system.

Keep smiling and dialing!