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Whether you are an experienced radionic practitioner or energy worker, or just beginning your journey into the realm of subtle energy, you will find through this page an analyzer, instrument, or subtle energy tool to take you to the next level of discovery.

If you are that person just beginning your journey into subtle energy work, you'll quickly realize many of these instruments and tools carry a hefty price tag. But, you have to ask yourself, "Compared to what?"

Once you get serious about subtle energy work and invest time (whether it be only 15 minutes daily) in learning how nature's ultimate gift to science can enhance your life and those around you, you'll agree your investment in subtle energy tools can give you the greatest value of anything you've ever purchased in your life!

However, the key is to practice daily, even if it's for only 15 minutes, and by doing so and experiencing the positive results you achieve you'll want to practice even more.

Every step of the way there's a radionic instrument and subtle energy instrument or tool available to allow you to make discoveries you've never considered before! So with that thought in mind, proceed onward to view the extensive array of subtle energy products through the links provided below.

 Cutting Edge Radionics Reagents:

I produce a number of advanced and cutting edge reagents for radionics and subtle energy work. They are potentized into the highest quality substrate available and carry a full one year replacement guarantee.

These cutting edge radionics reagents are packaged in a 3 3/4" test tube with a nylon sealing cap and protected by a custom case. Your custom case is an orgone accumulator and wave guide to keep your reagent at peak potency, and it also protects and shields your reagent.

When you balance physical issues with physical substances, such as rates and crystals, you can achieve effective results but it's time consuming. Your most rewarding path in balancing is to make permanent changes by directly addressing the coherence of the energy+information field itself.

The first three cutting edge reagents below can achieve this goal for you. They work to increase the overall coherence of the energy pattern, thereby allowing the system to work to heal itself giving you and your subject the result you desire.

These reagents dissolve the energetic blockages that cause many common physical issues, and some not-so-common issues. When you balance physical effects it does not change the underlying energetic causes. But, when you balance the energy field the underlying energetic causes come into harmony.

Each of these cutting edge reagents has its own place in balancing and can be used individually or in tandem. The cutting edge Ho'Oponopono reagent is equally effective on individual subjects as well as land, buildings and bodies of water. The cutting edge H2! reagent improves communication and energy flow on a multi-dimensional basis. And, the cutting edge Somasol reagent stimulates specific portions of DNA to support healing and slow the effects of cellular dysfunction.

To discover which cutting edge reagents will give you the results you desire, check your General Vitality then hold one of them in your hand and check to see how your GV changes. You'll realize one test for a cutting edge reagent is even more dramatic when you check the expected longevity of your subject, and recheck it with the Somasol reagent! Then you can ask yourself this question, "What are these results worth to me?"

When you are ready to see a demonstration of any or all of my reagents, check out my radionics classes listed on the Events page. Check this Products page often for new reagents as they become available. Click on the reagent links below to review more detail about each reagent.


Ho'Oponopono Suite - A New Dimension in Rate Scanning

Core Beliefs - "What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve."



ELT (Earth Life Template)


iφ Amulet

Power Up!

WANTED for Video Series: Intermediate / Advanced Practitioners -- Do you make these mistakes in radionics? Listen to Marty Lucas tell you how to achieve results that have eluded you until now! (best value)

 Ho'Oponopono Sizzle Sticks: $65 pair (sold in pairs only - same frequencies as in the Ho'Oponopono radionics reagent)

These are high carbon potentized rods for general energy work. Each rod is approximately 12" in length x 3/8" in diameter. They are designed to be used for direct as opposed to remote work. These are low-tech and low power. Their area of influence varies with conditions up to a 10 foot radius. When the user holds them, their energies can be directed and focused to point targets some distance away. Each carries a 90 day warranty.

 Sleep Restorer Sizzle Sticks: $199 pair

These are potentized with a variety of frequencies to support restful sleep and reduce snoring. Sleep disorders including sleep apnea and snoring can leave a person tired and unable to function. When the body is fully rested you have more energy, think clearer and are less likely to have other health issues.

The Sleep Restorer is potentized to support healthy breathing and suppress snoring. It is NOT a medical device. It does not treat or cure any medical issues.

Simply place a Sleep Restorer within 3 feet on each side near the head of the bed. After 6 months discard the used rods and replace with new rods. For best results move all electrical and electronic devices either out of the bedroom or as far from the bed as possible. Check the room for stray voltage and geopathic stress lines and mitigate them if found (check the Services page for more information).

 Ho'Oponopono Necklace: $99

The Ho'Oponopono necklace allows you to carry the frequencies of Love, Gratitude and Forgiveness with you wherever you go. As these frequencies feed into your energy body, not only do you resonate with them, but anyone near you will begin to resonate with them as well. OR they will leave... Can you think of a better way to spend your day than by attracting Love, Gratitude and Forgiveness while repelling hate, greed and anger? How many of the people in your life would benefit from having more Love, Gratitude and Forgiveness?

 Equipment and Accessories:

small radionics lab with Kelly instruments and Cory Coils
When you realize it's time to take your radionic lab to the next level and would like to know which analyzers and instruments best benefit your next step in research and analysis, please contact me at marty@EveryAdvantage.net.

Whether you are a beginner or expert radionic practitioner, I can assist you in selecting the right instruments.

You can choose from the Kelly Research Tech line of radionic equipment and accessories.

Email me for advice on your next step in your equipment purchase. Visit the Kelly Research Technologies website for detailed descriptions, pricing and ordering information.

 Cory Coil: $1050

The Cory Coil is the ultimate in "rub plate" technology. Designed around a beautiful hand wound Rodin coil, it produces a strong and profound "stick".

The fractal nature of the coil gives you a precise and almost electric response at the exact resonant point. This makes it an ideal accessory for cold scanning and other precise work. In addition, the Cory Coil acts as a powerful antenna for radionic work and can cut balancing times by half.

Each coil has both bayonet and BNC connectors and is designed to be used along with other reaction plates such as the Kelly standard reaction plate or the Kelly Perfect Spiral Antenna and reaction plate. The Cory Coil can be used on either the input or the output side of the circuit.

Most experienced users end up with at least one Cory Coil on each side of the circuit, and many users stack multiple Cory Coils together for even more power and effectiveness.

 Colossus: $5,250

The Colossus is unique among radionic and subtle energy devices and accessories. Each one is built to order and hand crafted by the inventor.

The Colossus has input jacks for both bayonet and BNC connectors and can be connected to an array of radionic instruments on either the input or output (although physically connecting the Colossus is often unnecessary).

Testing over the past 2 years has shown that the Colossus increases the effectiveness of radionic and subtle energy work. It resonates a very complex, but complete fractal waveform. This can reduce balancing times by 90%. The fractal quality of the waveform tends to complete the broadcasted frequencies thereby eliminating additional work.

Since each Colossus is built to order, lead times can be significant. However, your satisfaction is guaranteed. To see and experience a Colossus for yourself, plan to attend one of my radionic classes.

 Dowsing: Free

If you are new to subtle energy technology and would like to experience successful results without investing a penny, you can download this free mini-course by Walt Woods. Even though this is a mini-course, once you begin reviewing the course you will realize the material is in depth and will allow you to become proficient in the science and art of dowsing.


For those of you who've wondered how I'm able to manage a small organic farm, spend time with my family, consult on radionics projects, prepare and deliver numerous radionic and subtle energy classes throughout the year, and especially devour vast amounts of information in order to develop my research for breakthrough reagents and radionic appications -- I have the answer here for you.

Over the years I've relied on Paraliminals to give me the leverage I need to stay ahead of the curve in digesting enormous amounts of research in order to give you the answers you need, whether it be on the Monday night conference call or in one of my workshops and labs. If you want to ramp up your personal situation, check out Paraliminals.

 Newest Radionic Instruction Book: $14 + shipping (Amazon)

Before I tell you the title of this book, don't let the word "Beginning" lead you astray. Yes, this book is a must have for people new to radionics, but also a great addition for those radionic practitioners with plenty of experience under their belt.

No matter how long you've been doing anything, getting a new perspective from another colleague in your profession is to your advantage.

Such is the case with Pete Radatti's book, "A Fun Course in Beginning Radionics". Pete is a great radionics practitioner, educator and giver. His subtitle to his book is, "Miracles in the palms of your hands". And, this description certainly sums up radionics in the simplest way possible.

As Pete describes his book, "It will get you from sitting in front of a radionics instrument to actually using it. It will teach you the HOW, but not the WHY." Do yourself a favor and get Pete's book today. Once you begin reading his book, you'll thank yourself over and over again!

In addition, you may also want to review Pete's other new book, "How To Build An Electronic Witness Well For Radionics". Now you can broadcast 24/7 to thousands of witnesses without tying up your machine -- review here.