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Events and Classes


For those of you who desire to gain a wealth of radionics and subtle energy knowledge and hands-on practice in the shortest time possible, I offer a variety of radionics and subtle energy classes throughout the year including single subject internet classes.

In addition, I often teach at conferences and conventions throughout the year. Check out my calendar on the Every Advantage Facebook page for current class schedules.

 5 Aces Custom Reagents Laboratory event video:
Note: Streaming video available

Never before has the subtle energy and radionics practice experienced instruction at this high level. For 2 days of streaming video you will be guided through the proprietary methods Marty Lucas implements to achieve his one-of-a-kind results with his custom reagents. Five reagents will be dissected for you to discover the "who-what-when-where-why-how" of the results you can achieve with ELT, H'Oponopono, Bf2, H2, Somasol.

In addition, you will learn how to develop your own custom reagents to take your subtle energy technology and radionics successes to an exponentially higher level. When you are dead-on serious about your subtle energy and radionics practice and your clients, you can now join this inner circle and experience a laboratory event that is perfect for you.

Refer to Inner Circle for more detail about why Marty is sharing this proprietary information that took him years to discover.

 On-Line Classes at WizIQ:

These on-line classes are short, single subject classes for new and experienced radionic operators. Cost varies per class. Check back regularly as more classes are posted.

The Radionic Stick:

What is General Vitality:

 Radionic Basic Course - individual enrollment $600 (dates TBA):

The Radionic Basic Course is a three day training event that takes the student through the foundations of radionics plus additional hands-on exercises including developing a radionic work-plan. For beginning students the three day course is often a better alternative. The additional day of class and exercises develops an even greater level of confidence and expertise for the student.

 Radionic Homeopathy and Potentization - individual enrollment $200 (dates TBA):

This is a one day intense hands on class that takes the student through the entire process of selecting a reagent and building homeopathic preparations. A significant portion of the afternoon is devoted to teaching the student how to craft and potentize intent statements into new reagents.

 Advanced Subjects in Radionics - individual enrollment $1,000 (dates TBA):

This is an intense 5 day class that teaches the experienced radionic operator how to find the "cause behind the cause" and correct the issues when he/she finds them. In addition, the student will be introduced to advanced subtle energy concepts and protocols that increase effectiveness and efficiency.

The student will learn:
Crafting Intent Statements
Building a Radionic Workplan
Potentizing and Radionic Homeopathy
Using Sacred Geometry to address nutritional and pathogenic issues
Working with Fractal Reagents
Upgrading your instrument for maximum results
And much more...