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Energy and Health (unproven)

While our food and environment continues to degrade, it becomes increasingly difficult to choose healthy, non-toxic food and avoid environmental poisons. Statistics indicate that nearly every person can expect some chronic disease during their lifetime and many will have more than one.

With that bleak outlook, it is obvious our current defensive strategies for health and wellness are inadequate and that conventional approaches are outright failures. It is past time to re-examine the situation and use a different approach.

In soils, we have found that when the micro-organisms have enough energy, they not only increase soil fertility, but detoxify and balance the soil. In animals, generally healthy ones are able to overcome environmental toxins and even nutritional issues (for a while).

No comprehensive studies have been done on humans, but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence of octogenarians that smoke, drink, and are perfectly healthy while consuming a rich and diverse diet. There is also ample evidence of chronically ill young and middle aged people that eat nutritionally and energetically deficient diets.

Our analytical approach has been to look at the nutrient content of food, measure the minerals and vitamins and conclude that the chemical makeup of the food is the deciding factor in how healthy it is.

While I am not saying these measurements are unimportant, my thesis is the chemical composition of food is secondary. The primary aspect of healthy food is not chemical but energy. Not the energy of the calorie, but the energy as measured by bio-photons or Chi or even as measured by the Bovis scale.

Nutrient dense food is high energy food. It is the energy of the food that determines how healthy it is. That is why microwaved food is detrimental to health. It has the minerals, but it doesn't have the energy. (again, by energy I am NOT speaking about calories)

Since energy is primary, rather than focus on chemical analysis, it is much more productive to focus on energy itself. Rather than focus on adding or supplementing nutrients, a more effective approach is to focus on energy.

With enough energy, the body can simply manufacture whatever nutrients it needs. That means when the body has enough energy it can detoxify itself. Physicists tell us that everything is energy, so all matter is simply a compilation of energy frequencies and the interference patterns between the frequencies.

By adding or subtracting frequencies, matter can be changed into different forms of matter.

This transmutation of elements is commonly seen in agriculture and has been extensively studied in chickens. When a hen is deprived of calcium, but her diet is rich in silicon, her eggs have more calcium in them than was either in her body or her diet. However, when she is deprived of silicon, she is unable to produce healthy egg shells.

There is no conventional explanation as to where the calcium comes from EXCEPT biological transmutation. Western science does not accept transmutation in elements except through nuclear decay, but don't tell the chicken that.

The hen simply changes excess silicon into calcium. Since chickens have this ability, it is only logical to assume that this ability is common throughout the animal kingdom, including man.

While changing excess minerals into the deficient ones is a valuable survival mechanism, an even more powerful application of this ability is to transmute toxins into nutrients. Of course this requires energy as well.

Martial artists and eastern mystics teach how important breath is to good health. More than the simply inhalation and exhalation, these men and women breathe deeply and consciously. They breathe with the intention of taking energy from the air. They call this energy Chi.

Once they gather sufficient Chi, they then use it to overcome their opponent. They also use the Chi to enhance their own health and to heal others as well.

Several religious traditions routinely handle poisons and vipers. They believe that the poisons cannot harm them because they are protected by spirit. Sometimes these spiritual protections work and at other times they do not.

In my belief these traditions are leftovers from real science that really worked. However, once the real science was lost much of the ability to protect from poisons was lost as well. I see that the protection from these poisons comes from simply having sufficient energy (in this case Chi), so any toxins that enter the energy field are immediately changed to non-toxic forms. So our question is not just the why we need more energy, but also the how.

When food was full of energy and even the air was energizing, it was relatively easy to accumulate enough energy to transmute elements. However, toxins interfere with the accumulation of energy. So, it becomes a spiral when you need more energy to transmute toxins, and you usually don't have it because of the presence of the toxins.

Imagine an entire orchestra of trumpets all tuned perfectly to the same note. Now imagine that a few are a little out of tune. When even one trumpet is out of tune, it sets up interference patterns with the rest of the orchestra that weakens the musical power. The out of tune horns act as toxins. These interference patterns weaken the entire musical score. The more out of tune, the less musical the score.

What is worse, when everyone is in tune the individual players can hear whether they are in tune and can adjust their playing in order to stay in tune. However, as the orchestra degrades, the players aren't able to hear the perfect note so they cannot self-correct. They can't hear where they need to be so they can't find the proper resonance.

Toxins set up interference patterns in the energy field that weaken it. Once the interference becomes strong enough there isn't enough resonance left to get everything back in "tune".

This is why many healers are unable to heal themselves! When they need energy the most, they don't have it!

As a species, that is precisely where we are today. We NEED more energy. But, it cannot be collected from our food alone. The air has also been poisoned with electromagnetic and chemical pollution. The energy we need most is repelled by electromagnetic smog and chemicals. The healthy resonance of our energy field has been degraded by toxic chemicals, electromagnetic smog and even our own dissonant thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

So the strategy is to not only increase the raw amount of energy, but also decrease the amount of dissonance.

When we eliminate the toxins in our diets we are increasing our energy by decreasing the dissonance in our energy field. When we meditate and process our emotions we are also eliminating dissonance. When we reset our non-beneficial Core Beliefs we are eliminating dissonance. When we consciously choose who we associate with, what we read and what we expose ourselves to, we can choose to select those things that enhance resonance in our energy field. Resonance makes us stronger.

The hypothesis is that with enough energy our body can simply "make" the nutrients it needs and detoxify the poisons. Perhaps that was the situation in the Garden of Eden where "the couldn't possibly be hungry" lion lay down with the lamb.

So how do we gather the energy? Is it even possible? This is where we take a clue from the "breatharians". For centuries there have been stories of people that don't eat food and live solely upon air. Let's suppose that 90% of these stories are pure fantasy. That leaves 10% that are not accountable and possibly true. We can either assume that these stories are all false or allow that there is a germ of truth in them.

If there is some truth there, then how do they do it? First they consciously breathe. They also make sure to practice staring at the sun for a period of time every morning at sunrise. They say they are drawing energy from the sun and directly from the air.

Huna masters draw energy from the air with their "Ha" breath and a few specific exercises. They then use the energy they have gathered to perform "miracles" including telekinesis, time dilation, and even levitation.

What has come down to us as Yoga seems like peculiar physical exercise for strengthening the muscles and improving flexibility. HOWEVER, upon closer examination each Yoga posture draws energy into the body or moves it in very specific fashions. What this tells me is that our ancestors knew more about accumulating, storing, and using the energy of life than we do.

In any case, the first issue is to harmonize the frequencies that are currently in our energy field and develop an optimal resonance with them. Since our DNA is actually a scalar antenna, it too has a resonance point. It would seem logical that the resonance we are seeking is one that is in harmony with our DNA.

There are several tools that help to increase our energy, some by increasing our internal resonance, and others by working directly with the Chi.

In other sections we will explore the 3 types of Chi. But for now understand that while it is vital to accumulate more Chi, the more Chi in your system, the more capabilities you have.

A Chi master recently shared with me that when he works to heal people, he used to work on the individual issues and change those energy patterns. He found that in many cases his clients slipped back into their old patterns.

He then told me he has noticed that when he simply increases the client's Chi their pain subsides or disappears and their bodies heal themselves. In many cases he found it simpler to raise their energy and hold it, than to make the adjustments.

So if you want to heal and raise your energy, study the exercises, refine your diet, and do all of the things you know to do. Then, look at the tools from Every Advantage. Study them to see which ones will be the most beneficial for you. Then use them to your best advantage.

Caution: The things you think about become your reality. As your energy increases, those things appear more quickly. If you focus on the negative, that is what you will manifest. With that in mind, DO NOT leave these tools from Every Advantage unattended or where they can fall into the hands of people that are not ready for them.

Review the latest information on my website, or contact me directly so I can help you choose the best tools for you. These tools are powerful and in the right hands they can do wonderful things. However, if I feel you are not ready I will tell you so. If that offends you, so be it.

In the meantime, keep smiling and dialing and check EveryAdvantage.net regularly for class updates, recordings, and new information.