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Enjoy Healthier Livestock and Greater Crop Yields
Using Less Polluting Fertilizers, Herbicides and Pesticides
(while reducing your inventory, overhead, and cash outlay)

Your agricultural profile will give me the information I require to help you re-establish your farming program. Now you can achieve greater satisfaction and profit in your daily work.

Your input is key to determine our best course of action. Your completed profile can help me make recommendations as to equipment, training and support you require to get the most successful results from your farming.

You may want to copy and print out this web page from a Word Document in order to make notes as you think about your answers and how you can do better. You can contact me at marty@EveryAdvantage.net to schedule our phone meeting (about 20-40 minutes).

✔  Your Operation:

1. Do you make the management decisions or do you need someone else's agreement?

2. Who is responsible for the profitability of your operation?

3. What are your profit projections for your operation?

     a. Profit per acre? Per bushel? Per animal?

     b. How would an 8-12% increase in profit change your operation?

4. What would saving an hour a day in work mean to you?

5. How important are timely decisions and quick responses?

6. What is your top priority for your operation this next year?

     a. Higher yields?

     b. Lower costs?

     c. Higher profits?

7. How long do you want to keep doing what you do?

     a. Until retirement?

     b. As long as you're healthy enough?

8. Do you use PPM (personal Protective Measures) when using chemicals, in dusty conditions,
    or in noisy areas?

     a. Masks?

     b. Gloves?

     c. Ear and Eye protection?

✔  Crops:

1. Conventional or Organic?

2. How many acres?

     a. Owned / rented?

3. Tell me about your weed issues. (Your weed issues will tell me more about your fertility issues
    than your soil test.)

     a. Grasses

     b. Water hemp?

     c. Velvet leaf?

     d. Other?

4. How much would you save if the money spent on weed control was freed up for other uses?

     a. What would a 22-27% reduction in fertilizer costs mean to you?

5. Soil biology issues:

     a. How much organic matter do you have?

     b. How long does it take for your corn stover to break down?

     c. What fungicides do you use?

     d. What herbicides do you use?

     e. What insecticides do you use?

     f. Do you use manures as part of your soil program? (Organic or from a confinement building
        or feedlot?)

6. How do you deal with pest issues?

     a. Corn borer?

     b. Soybean aphid?

     c. Root worm?

     d. Soybean cyst nematode?

     e. Other?

7. What are pests costing you per acre each year, including management measures and

8. How long does it take to get a tissue test sample back to you so you can determine nutrient
    issues in your crop?

9. How do you deal with wildlife issues?

     a. Deer?

     b. Swine?

     c. Birds?

     d. Others?

10. What does wildlife damage cost you per acre each year, including management measures
     and damage?

     a. How do you deal with mold and toxin issues? (In the crop such as Sudden Death or in the
         grain such as vomitoxin, aflotoxins etc.)

11. If organic how do you deal with genetic contamination?

12. What issues do you have with volunteer corn, red rice?

✔  Livestock:

1. What types and numbers of each?

     a. Poultry?

     b. Swine?

     c. Beef?

     d. Other?

2. Confined or open pasture?

3. How often does a veterinarian come out?

     a. How much $ per visit?

     b. How long for a lab test to get back so you can take action?

     c. How many times has he misdiagnosed an issue or simply given up?

4. Is fertility becoming more of an issue?

5. How much more money would you make if your herds were as fertile as they were 15-20
    years ago?

6. Other chronic health issues?

7. Do you feed your animals your own grain/forage or do you purchase it?

8. Do you use DDG's?

9. Do you have a barn or a pen where there are more health issues than others?

10. How quickly does the manure breakdown?

11. How bad are the flies around your livestock and operation?

✔  What regulatory issues are becoming more of a concern?

1. Run-off and erosion?

2. Nutrient loss through tile and drainage lines?

3. Are neighbors complaining about the odor from your operation?

     a. Are other farmers in the area having odor complaint issues?

4. Dust?

5. Water use?

     a. Are the local USGS monitoring wells showing the water table is dropping?

6. Restricted agricultural chemicals?

7. Wild-life and bee protection?

8. Protection of sensitive crops and over-spray?

✔  Livestock water:

1. Are you using your own well water or municipal water?

2. Are you removing the chlorine/fluoride from the municipal water?

3. Is your well water tested properly?

     a. Herbicides?

     b. Heavy metals?

     c. Bacterial contamination?

     d. How have you worked to remedy the situation? (Hydrogen peroxide? Bleach?

     e. Where is the closest cemetery in relation to your well?

4. Is your pumping equipment properly grounded?

✔  Outside Issues:

1. Where is the closest cell phone tower?

2. What powerlines cross your property?

3. What pipeline cross your property?

4. How have you dealt with stray voltage in the past?

5. How have you dealt with geopathic stress in the past?

✔  Background:

1. Describe YOUR health.

2. How many prescriptions do you take?