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Unconditional Love

Throughout the "New Age" movement and many aspects of all subtle energy work we often hear about "sending love". So when there is a problem or someone is in trouble, we are urged to send love. In my experience, this feel-good exercise does little or nothing for anyone or anything except our own ego.

I know that sounds harsh and perhaps it is, but we have grown up to the place where we can handle the truth and we don't need feel-good / do-nothing affirmations. I think when you understand the energy aspects of what love is, you will agree.

First of all, Love is not simply an emotion, it is much more. It is an aspect of free and uncluttered communication. When energy and information flows, there is love. Where there is a blockage, then love suffers.

So rather than thinking it as this feel-good, fuzzy indefinable thing, let's think of it as a measurement of how well two things are in resonance with each and how well they are able to share energy and information.

Let's say I am scared of someone or something. Perhaps I am scared about a medical procedure. I have all sorts of fantasies floating around in my brain about what could happen. Then let's suppose someone I trust comes in and tells me their experience with the same procedure. They tell me the good things as well as the not so good. Suddenly I am not scared.

The same applies to people and relationships except we often use the word love to describe them. When we know someone very well, it is difficult NOT to love them, even with their faults. When they are complete strangers it is easy to fear and even hate them.

So what happens when we send "love"? What is it we are sending? Certainly we are sending some kind of energy. But does that love energy actually change anything? Loving someone changes them, but does sending love?

If someone is hurt or ill, they may need energy to heal. They may need additional "amplitude" in their energy field in order to heal. Adding energy to the physical template may in fact help them. Sending them YOUR love may help them to overcome their own emotions of loss or hurt. But simply sending love? Again, I ask what is it you are sending?

I believe that when you are sending "love" to a person you are really just sending a low power projection of good feelings. If you are experienced, you may have built your "broadcast" into a VAK which is more effective. But what about when I broadcast Unconditional Love 33-33.50?

What I see when I broadcast it is that Unconditional Love breaks down communication blockages. It allows for addition information and energy flow into whatever pattern is currently present.

If the pattern is a healing one, they I expect to see positive results. If the pattern is not healing, then I expect to see more of the same.

That is why in my Longevity Protocol you see that I broadcast a number of things and then broadcast Unconditional Love. Then I work on some more things and broadcast it again. The idea is to reinforce healthy patterns with added energy and improved communication.

Love is not an undefinable fuzzy feel-good emotion. It is a measurement of how well energy and information flows. So when we want to send "love" we are really wanting to improve energy and information flow. We want to break down blockages that interfere with communication. That communication can be between cells, between tissues, between organs, between individuals, and between systems.

Broadcasting Unconditional Love to a field breaks down the blockages of information flow that inhibit the life in the soil to work efficiently. Broadcasting it to an organ helps the organ to break down physical, emotional, and toxic blockages.

And while we are at it, the other emotions that we deal with are all different ways to measure energy blockages. So hate and fear are just blockages. Jealousy is a blockage. Even "like" is a diluted form of love so in reality it is a blockage as well, albeit a minor one.