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The Silver Cord

Our religious texts and many healers tell us "the silver cord" connects us to our Soul. It is probably better described as the cord that the soul uses to connect to the body, but in any case, when the cord is severed, the body dies.

We can dowse to determine exactly what energy and information travels on that cord, but whatever travels on it must be very important. Likewise if the cord is somehow damaged, then it would make sense that the flow of information along the cord would be impaired.

So the other day, I checked to see what kind of shape my Silver Cord was in. If it was optimal then it should come in at General Vitality. If it was less than optimal, then it would seem that would be something I would like to correct.

My dowsing indicates that the cord does not heal itself. It seems that once it is damaged then it remains damaged unless it is consciously repaired. Perhaps there are traditional spiritual exercises that do that repair, I do not know. But I learned a long time ago, that if I wanted to manage something, I needed to figure out how to measure it first.

So here is the rate to test your Silver Cord (85.1-29.2). If it is at General Vitality all is good. But what if it isn't? What does that mean?

Perhaps it means your intuition won't be as strong as it could be. Perhaps it means your immune system won't respond as well as it could. Perhaps it means you are aging faster than you should. In any case, if it isn't correct, fix it.

I can tell you right now that simply balancing on the rate won't accomplish much. That is because the Silver Cord does not have the capability to heal itself. The balance Silver Cord rate is 11 banks. The harmonic to add to it is a bunch more. So for now, it may be best to simply use a mental thought-form to go over your Silver Cord from one end to the other, repair any tears or cuts, remove any parasites or "gunk" and maybe even shine it up a little. But before you do, check your General Vitality. Then do the work and recheck it.

In my research so far, many people are operating at about two-thirds of where they could be. It seems that at about age 8 there is a drastic change. Before that all seems good, after that there is damage. Coincidentally that is about the same age that people change from syntropy to entropy. Meaning up until age 8 or so our systems are adding more information than we are losing, but on average after age 8 we lose more.

When I get some more projects done, I plan to get back to this one and build a reagent to repair the Silver Cord. Until then, you have the tools. You can see if it is optimal or not and you can take what ever action you feel is necessary.

So keep smiling and dialing!