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Regrow Telomeres

In the quest for longer lives, researchers have found a genetic connection to aging and death. In my opinion it is a symptom of larger issues, but the scientists have found a genetic marker that indicates whether a cell can reproduce or not.

Standard science teaches that human cells can only reproduce so many times. But, once the cell ages, it simply dies. If their reasoning is sound then people that are injured more often or are sick more often age faster and die younger than people that are not injured or sick.

I am not saying they are wrong, but I am sure that they are seeing just a portion of the truth.

They base their hypotheses on a marker at the end of the chromosome called a telomere. The telomere is a group of nucleotides at the end of the chromosome that protects it. When a cell divides, they see the telomeres becoming shorter and shorter. When the telomere is gone, the cell can no longer divide.

They have found a peptide called telomerase that has been found to slow the shortening process and even regrow the telomere. So a lot of research is being done with nutritional supplements designed to regrow telomere.

At this point it may be interesting for you to check the average length of your own telomeres 51.75-43.25 as a percentage of the whole.

In any case, for those who like to work with these things, Regrow Telomeres [(42.75-40) (59.25-40)] is a way for you to work directly on this issue.

Before you start, I would recommend you check not only your General Vitality, but also your Life Expectancy (72.5-18.5), then work on your Telomeres and recheck your Life Expectancy.

My Longevity Project sees the telomere lengths as a symptom of other issues and works to address deeper underlying causes. But in the meantime, you may have a project where you don't want to wait to correct the underlying cause.

As another interesting project, see how re-growing telomeres works to revitalize an older pet. The cell lines that are gone won't be replaced, but it can certainly help to slow the aging process.

So keep smiling and dialing! Marty