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Optimize Witness

Our science tells us that once electrons touch they become entangled. This allows them to change the spin of one entangled electron and watch the other one change at the same time, no matter how far apart the electrons are. This change happens faster than the speed of light.

This same entanglement is the theoretical basis for how witnesses work in radionics. The picture carries the electron pattern of the subject and is therefore entangled with it.

In the old days we taught the Polaroid was the best type of picture to use because both the negative and the print were combined in one. However, when we discovered that digital pictures work just as well, that theory went out the window.

In any case, even with our current theories there are times when a picture will "go bad" and won't function as a reliable witness. We don't know exactly why, just that it happens, so we routinely check to make sure our witnesses are still effective.

But even so, some witnesses seem to work better than others. And sometimes the best witness we can get is not as good as we would like. That is why I routinely run Optimize Witness (43-50.50).

It is easy to check to see how effective your current witness is, just dowse it. Then run the rate and dowse the question again. Suppose your witness is 80% of optimal and you can move it to 95%. That may mean the difference between having enough power to accomplish your goals or not.

Often when I receive pictures of fields, they are not as good as I would prefer. It only makes sense to optimize them. That way I know I am doing the very best I can with the project at hand.

I don't use this rate all of the time, simply because it is not necessary. But, whenever I have any question as to the quality of the witness, I run Optimize Witness. You will see this rate is one of the first ones I run when I go through my Longevity Protocol.

This is a great tool so get in the habit of using it!

Happy smiling and dialing!