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Correct Replication Errors

We have all seen the science class video of cell division. One cell grows, shakes a bit, and when all things are working properly it splits into two identical cells.

If that worked perfectly every time there would be no cancer nor any significant aging. But, sometimes it doesn't work quite right. Sometimes there are shortages of the proper building blocks. Sometimes toxins damage the process and sometimes the DNA itself is damaged.

The body is designed to detect and correct errors in cellular replication, but what we have learned from working with Somasols is that for most people that error detection and correction system is only functioning at 30% efficiency.

So, if you have millions of cell divisions per day and perhaps 200 or so are defective, then the average person is accumulating 50-60 defective cell lines per day. Over time many of these defective cell lines will die on their own, but some will live, grow, and reproduce.

After 50 years or so a person starts noticing some things that just are not right and by age 100 or so they notice that most things are a little out of kilter.

The idea is to ultimately tune up the detection and correction mechanism of the DNA, and the Somasol does that nicely. But, in the meantime we can go back and support the body's ability to make repairs and Correct Replication Errors (34-92)(75.50-51).

You can focus on specific systems that may be malfunctioning or you can simply broadcast it in general to the entire organism and watch the GV climb. Ultimately we want to correct whatever caused the errors in the first place and that means proper nutrition and detox. But for now we can slow the growth of malignant tissues and even help them return to proper function.

Is Correct Replication Errors going to halt the growth of cancerous tissues? I do not know. Is it going to reverse aging? I have no evidence of that either. But what I do know is that when I broadcast Correct Replication Errors to a mature organism, the general vitality climbs as does life expectancy.

So, add this rate to your toolbox and see what it can do for you.

Keep smiling and dialing!