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Optimize Exclusion Zones

Optimize Exclusion Zones is easier than it sounds and much more useful! But, to understand what it means and what it does we need to review some basics about structured water.

Water is a liquid at room temperature because it is a polar molecule. That means the molecule is slightly bent with one end being more positively charged than the other. It is this charge differential that keeps the water molecules from just going their own way. This charge causes the water to form into clusters and clumps. Some of these water clusters have as few as 8 molecules and some have tens of thousands of molecules.

The angle of the bend of the molecule is called the bond angle. It is this angle that determines the size of the water cluster. All of the discussion about water clustering technology and even homeopathy all ultimately are talking about managing the bond angle of the water molecule.

When the water clusters are small, water is able to enter the cell and hydrate it. When the clusters are large, the water may irrigate, but it cannot hydrate. There is a lot of good information on the web about structuring water, so I won't review it further here.

One of the features of highly structured water is that it is amazingly pure. In fact, when it is structured properly there are no impurities in it -- not one. It is ultra-pure. This ultra-pure water has some amazing properties including a very low freezing point and the ability to store large amounts of bio-photons.

Where this becomes important is that each of our living cells is surrounded by water. They are not designed to actually touch each other and if they do it interferes with cellular metabolism and communication.

In order to maintain their health each cell maintains a thin layer of ultra-pure water around it. This layer of ultra-pure water is called the "exclusion zone". When cells have an optimal exclusion zone they are healthier.

So, Optimize Exclusion Zones 98-21.50 supports the creation and maintenance of this layer of ultra-pure water. If the individual is highly toxic their exclusion zones will be depleted. This interferes with cellular communication and that is when cells and tissues start to break down. The toxin itself may not damage the cell directly, but if it cuts off its communication it has killed it just the same.

Just one note of caution: If the organism is already dehydrated it will not be able to maintain the exclusion zones even after balancing. So use this rate in conjunction with ample hydration! Beer, coffee, soda, etc. are not hydrating.

Keep smiling and dialing! Marty