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New Year's Resolutions

It is an American tradition for each of us to make resolutions for the new year and in about 4-6 weeks, forget them and return to our old habits. I am not a big fan of New Year's resolutions because most people don't do them correctly anyway.

A typical resolution is to DO something this coming year or not DO something. Maybe it is to work out or lose weight or quit smoking. In my opinion that is absolutely the wrong approach. DO-ing is a result of who you ARE. Who you are is a result of BE-ing, not Do-ing. So if you want to change, look at the source not the result.

For instance, if you don't care about what happens tomorrow, then whatever you do today makes no difference to you. So it makes no difference if you abuse your body with drugs or alcohol. It makes no difference if you spend all of you money or even rob a bank.

If you DO care about tomorrow then all of those things can make a difference.

So for my money, deciding what I will DO is not an issue. The issue is deciding WHO I AM and WHO I will BE. When that is decided then the DO-ing works itself out.

It is not different than any other intent statement. It must be framed in the positive. It must be framed in the present tense. It must be specific. We spend nearly an entire day crafting and perfecting intent statements during the Intermediate Radionics Class.

If you haven't taken this class, check out the information on the Winter Classic on the Kelly Research website. We hold this class series every February in Des Moines and they are essential if you want to really master your radionic work. Your "New Year's Resolutions" are a specific type of intent statement and should be crafted and managed just like that.

I don't look at changing what I "Do" so much as changing my mindset about who I want to Be.

Recently I noticed I seemed to look down when I walked. My mind is almost always somewhere else, but the slouching was becoming a habit. I did not resolve to suddenly look up when I walk. My resolution was different. My intent was different. I formed the thought-pattern of how proud I am of all of the things I have done. In my mind proud people stand tall. I don't remind myself to stand tall, it happens whenever I feel the pride of accomplishment. So as I count my blessings, I automatically stand taller.

When I found myself over-weight and lethargic. I could have resolved to lose weight (which I had done before with limited success) or I could find another approach. So my thought-form is how healthy and energetic I am and how good I look in my clothes. I also spent time analyzing the things I DIDN'T like about my favorite junk foods so I quit craving them.

For instance, I used to love Milk-Duds (and can still enjoy them on occasion). But in order to kill the craving, when I think of a Milk-Dud I think of the waxy shell. I think of the caramel that lodges in my molars. I think of the empty sweetness from the low-quality chocolate. That pretty much fixes it for me.

I love chocolate, but have ruined myself for the cheap grocery store wax and corn syrup Hershey-bar.

When I look in the mirror I see myself as I looked when I was in my 20's. Anything that doesn't fit that picture simply does not belong in my self-image. Since it is my subconscious that builds and maintains my body, I make sure the picture I provide it is the one I want it to manifest.

I craft a very specific picture of who I am. Then I do the things that person would do. It is not the "fake it till you make it" they used to teach sales people because I am not faking, I am feeling. It is a feeling of power. It is a feeling of stepping into the person that I know I already am...

Each of us decides who we are. We do most of this subconsciously. Our self-image is built of the large and small things we think about ourselves. It is built of our Core Beliefs. There are a number of processes you can use to examine, manage, and modify these beliefs. As you change those beliefs, your picture of yourself changes. As your self-portrait changes, the things you DO as a result of those beliefs change as well.

For example, suppose you have decided that this coming year you want to get into better physical condition. The standard approach for failure is to "decide" to work-out every day. That usually works for about 2-6 weeks. That is why the local gym is crowded through February and nearly empty the rest of the year.

Likewise the weight-loss clinics are crowded after the New Year as well.

Suppose, instead of deciding to "work out" you decide that you are "young, healthy, and strong". Properly worded you can turn that into an intent statement, measure its intensity and broadcast on that thought-form. Once your subconscious has accepted that you are young, healthy, and strong, you will automatically begin doing more of the things that young, strong, and healthy people do.

Healthy people park further away from the door. They enjoy walking and being outdoors. Strong people don't mind lifting things and moving them as they need. The thing is you don't need to decide what it is that "young, healthy, and strong" people do. Your subconscious already knows.

When you change your image of yourself you no longer are forcing yourself to do things you don't want to do. You do the things that align with your self-image.

If your self-image is of a low energy couch potato, then it will be perfectly natural for you to watch tv, eat Cheetos, and drink beer. With a different self-image, those things don't feel natural anymore. Imagine Mother Teresa with a beer in one hand, a cigarette in the other, watching the latest reality TV show. She didn't have to make resolutions to stop doing those things because those things were not part of who she WAS.

Likewise, imagine our current President resolving to change his diet and start jogging. Those things are not part of WHO he IS so the resolutions are very likely to fail. I don't have to resolve to watch less football. I don't have to resolve to smoke less weed. I don't have to resolve to quit beating my wife. Those things are not WHO I AM.

Do you see where this goes? It is not the things you DECIDE to DO that make the differences. It is the person you decide to BE...

When you have decided on your self-image then instead of detailing all of your resolutions, visualize how you feel, how you look, and what people say about the person you are. That is called a VAK (for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic).

My journey to optimal wellness continues as I refine the picture of myself to align with my self-image. My image of myself can only change as quickly as I allow it. So I don't see myself as someone that runs or jogs for pleasure. That is not part of my self-image and honestly I don't see any reason to include that right now. My VAK for myself is more subtle.

It is one of several that I have built for myself. I draw the detailed picture; include sights, sounds, smells, feelings, and as much detail as possible. Then when I read over the VAK, I am adding energy to the information and helping the pattern to realize. I can take it another step further by cold-scanning a rate for it and broadcasting it myself. Remember, the more energy in a thought-form, the quicker it is able to materialize.

So take this small journey with me...

I am standing on my front porch with a soft breeze coming from the South. The symphony of insects and night singers serenade the twilight to pause only with the muffled boom of fireworks in the distance. The new gravel on the lane glows a brilliant white that outlines my lineup of tractors on the grass. The steam from my fresh cup of coffee caresses my nose as I gingerly sip the rich brown liquid.

For the first time in my adult life I am wearing 32x30 blue jeans. They feel comfortable and I notice how they are even a little loose in the waist. As my body becomes healthier my energy and vitality increases day by day and my appetite goes away. I wake up fully refreshed and recharged with only a few hour's sleep and lucid dreaming. I am drawing more and more of my energy and sustenance directly from Source.

I notice that my mind is clear and my intuition is strong. I actively and consciously create my local reality and am thankful for the results. Even with all of the changes world-wide, the weather on my farm is ideal for my crops and large garden.

The rows of sweet corn along the edge of the front field are nearly tasseled. The tomatoes are just coming on with hundreds of the cherry tomatoes ripe already. The radishes, carrots, and peas have been very productive as well.

The flowers around my Genesa Crystal just keep blooming and blooming. Their aroma and the sweet perfume from the Linden tree help make this one the most peaceful and beautiful places on Earth.

My students have packed my classes. They find my reagents, tools, and techniques have given them near miraculous results. New, high quality clients and students call me and email me throughout the week keeping my business flourishing and profitable. I especially cherish the calls from the world-famous authors and healers who seek my opinion and guidance.

While I relish the peace and solitude of my sanctuary, I also enjoy sharing what I have learned and teaching others. I have more invitations to teach and travel than ever before. I pick just the most interesting ones and have found my income has doubled and doubled again.

Peace and harmony reign supreme in my life. People that bring love and joy continue to come in while others go elsewhere.

People say I am the best instructor they have ever met and they marvel at the life I have built for myself. When they ask me how I have done it I invite them to ask my students, because they already know.

Another sip from my coffee as I watch the first bats of the evening; flying and swooping and squeaking. I am truly blessed and thankful for this life and everyone and every thing in it.

THAT is a VAK. Yours will be different. It may be more detailed. It may be more descriptive and it may even be more specific. But this is a picture I have created for me. I find it very comforting and very energizing. When I read it I don't need to "decide" what to do to make it happen, as my subconscious does most of that planning for me. Even better, the things that don't fit in this picture no longer attract me.

So as you look at the coming year, I encourage you to decide WHO you ARE and WHO you want to BE. Then BE that person.

Until next time, keep smiling and dialing.