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Do You Make These Mistakes In Radionics?
Let Marty Lucas tell you how to achieve the
results that have eluded you until now!

Intermediate / Advanced Practitioners Only:

Dear Fellow Practitioner,

There is no better way at becoming a better Radionics Practitioner than practice. Part of that practice involves working with and associating with other Radionics professionals. That includes classes and seminars and workshops.

That is why I host my coaching calls. That is why I took leadership positions in the United States Psychotronic Association and the American Society of Dowsers.

I am an avid listener of Gaia TV where I get exposed to a number of cutting edge researchers. I continually buy and read books and own an extensive library of hundreds of volumes. Even if there is only one nugget in the entire book, it is worth it.

I continually work to "sharpen the saw" and I encourage you to do the same. If you have taken any of my classes or been on any of my calls, you have noticed my approach is different.

My classes are not the typical "smiling and dialing" classes. You know what I am talking about, we have all taken them. Those are the classes where we get introduced to new rates and worksheets and spend the rest of the class running those rates.

I have taken a number of those classes and collected piles of rate sheets. I love my notebook of rate sheets. but the Five Aces Workshop is not like that. Yes, there will be lots of new rates, but it is more.

The Five Aces is a different approach. It is not so much the "what" of a new rate, but the "how" and the "why". Rather than peeling the onion and addressing symptom after symptom, what if we found the actual cause behind the cause, behind the cause.

Everything is a combination of energy and information, when we have enough energy we can change the information. The trick is knowing what to change.

Disease and dysfunction are symptoms. Weed and pest infestations are symptoms as well. My classes teach you that simply dealing with symptoms may be excellent job security, but it is not a path that solves problems. A problem is solved only when the underlying causes are addressed. I don't care about "peeling the onion", the 5 Aces Workshop is all about separating symptoms from causes.

We look deeply into how things work. That starts with "seeing" what we are looking at. We look at the wisdom that has been handed down to us and examine how that can work in real life. We look at our spiritual traditions as well as our folklore to find nuggets of wisdom that have been handed down.

Dr. Dan Skow taught that row crops can draw all of their nutrition from the air (with the exception of calcium). From the Breatharians we learn that people can draw nutrition from the ether as well. In fact, nearly every cell has the latent ability to draw nutrition from the morphogenic field. When each and every cell is properly nurtured disease goes away. Imagine what this could mean.

Imagine what you could do if you could stimulate that portion of the cell's genetic capabilities so that it could feed itself. Cells use oxygen to convert sugars to energy. If the cells don't need as much of those sugars, then they don't need as much oxygen as well. Think of what this could mean for people that have breathing issues.

Cancers burn sugars anaerobically. They say cancer patients often succumb to cellular starvation as the cancer cells rob the healthy tissues of sugars. Imagine the possibilities if you could starve the cancer cells while at the same time you were able to feed the healthy cells everything they need?

If Doc Skow was correct and crops can take their nutrients directly from the air; if you are able to manage and promote that capability, what would your yield potential be? What if your crop yield was no longer directly tied to the minerals available in the soil?

In the upcoming 5 Aces Summit we will be exploring the latent capacity programmed into DNA. We will be testing and evaluating to see how to stimulate and maximize it. For some of you, just this part of the 5 Aces Summit will be enough to change your life and change the way you address issues.

What other mysteries are hidden in DNA? Geneticists tell us major portions of plant and animal DNA is 'junk'. During last year's 5 Aces Workshop we explored how to reactivate certain portions responsible for longevity. Think of DNA like a massive. complex, and wonderful computer program. Some features are turned on, some are turned off and some we know nothing about.

Biologists tell us how certain genes can be activated or suppressed due to epigenetics (terrain). We have seen signs of this where plants and animals exhibit resistance to chemicals and diseases their parents were exposed to. Energy workers see this in people that carry inherited trauma. You have seen it in people that instinctively fear snakes. Now there is growing evidence that memories can be passed from generation to generation.

What if epigenetics can be managed? What if we can not only manage the terrain, but also manage the information in that terrain? IF memories can be passed genetically, then that must mean there is a portion of DNA that can be programmed. What if WE can program it? What kind of programs can we add? What programs are already there that simply need activated? What programs are there that we no longer need?

If DNA can be programmed, how many programs can it hold and how complex can they be? Recent discoveries have shown how micro-organisms can digest plastics. The microbes in a chicken can transmute silica into calcium, and other microbes can produce gold. Human DNA is more complex than a microbe's. Are our genetic capabilities even more advanced?

We see and hear about amazing physic abilities and gifts. We hear how Eastern Masters take decades and even their entire lifetime to master a gift. Some can germinate seeds directly in their hands. Others can bi-locate. Many can walk on fire and completely control their bodily functions. Is their training simply a way for them to activate programs that are already present in all of our genes? Do you have those programs in YOUR genes?

What about the capabilities of our food crops? We know that corn is capable of producing up to a dozen ears per stalk. What else can it do? When trees are attacked by insects they produce a signal to other trees in the area warning them of the predators. What other "messages" can trees send?

There are plants and herbs that are traditionally associated with healing, others with peace and love. What if those traditions are not just stories, but are accounts of programs embedded into the very DNA of those plants?

What if some of those programs are not simple coincidences, but are the result of conscious programming? What if our ancestors programmed those plants and turned them into living reagents that have been reproducing those frequencies and patterns ever since? If it was done once, that means it is possible. If it is possible, what frequencies and patterns would you like the plants in your life to resonate with, broadcast, and pass on to future generations?

I don't think programming DNA is a new discovery. I think it has been done in the past, but was either forgotten or hidden. When we look around us and really SEE what we are looking at, the evidence is pretty clear. Our reality is a conscious and intelligent construction. The only real question is whether we want to be a part of that building process.

Think about the possibilities. The 5 Aces Summit is about asking those questions and seeing where the answers lead us. You don't get that from rate sheets. If all you did this coming year was work with programming DNA, you would still not run out of projects.

Even while your head is spinning from this portion of the Summit, we move into the next subject. That is why we record the Summit and every student gets a copy, it is nearly impossible to absorb all of this information in just two days.

Every one of us has experienced deja vu. Maybe it is just our mind playing tricks on us. Maybe there is more to it. Society teaches us to accept the fact that our mind plays tricks on us. I am not so sure. I don't believe my mind is faulty, nor do I believe I am suffering from early onset dementia. It is my belief that what others would say "is my mind playing tricks" has another explanation.

On the blacktop to Wellman I noticed an old corn crib on the north side of the road. I have driven on that road my entire life. I routinely look at the old farmsteads as I drive in hopes of spotting an old Minneapolis Moline tractor parked in the weeds.

Here is the thing, that corn crib was not there last year. The paved road to the west of it had always been gravel. If it had been there, I would have noticed it. But there it is. The corn crib is obviously 70-80 years old and the pavement is worn and cracked.

Am I simply mistaken? Am I confused? Or is there something else going on? When I spoke of this with a friend of mine, he related similar experiences, where he remembered things clearly as one way, but he is the only one that remembers that way.

I don't believe either me or my friend are mentally deficient. Perhaps you have had similar experiences that you simply wrote off. What if those experiences are real? What if the reason you remember them the way you do is that is the way they actually were when you were there? What if the people that remember things the other way are correct as well?

Welcome to the introduction to Timelining...

Quantum physicists tell us there is no time. They tell us that everything is always in the now and that time is not what we think it is. They tell us there are an infinite number of possible futures. Since time as we know it does not exist then there is no future, there is no past, so if there are infinite futures then there are infinite pasts as well.

That is what allows us to balance our ancestors. That is what explains deja vu. It also explains why you can remember something different that someone else and you can both be right. We are each on our own individual timeline. We have a unique past and a unique future.

Some of the possible futures are more probable than others. In fact, there is an entire branch of science dedicated to probability theory to understand which patterns are most likely. Scientists look at seemingly random events for patterns. When they find the pattern they can then start to predict the probability.

That is how your insurance works. The insurance company knows there will be a certain number of fires this year, more or less. Based upon experience, they know those fires will destroy a certain amount of property. So based upon the patterns they already know, the insurance company can decide how much they need to charge each policy holder.

As individuals we know our actions can affect our chances of having a fire and even limit the damage if we have one. So we keep our electrical systems in good repair, we keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and don't let the kids play with matches.

That is a pretty simple explanation of everyday life, but when we look deeply into the concept of probability and possible future events we can learn so much more. It turns out the probability pattern of events has a radionic frequency.

It follows that since we can measure it, we can manage it. So once we have the energetic signature of that probability pattern we can work with it. I call a probability pattern a timeline. I refer to working with those patterns as timelining.

Each of the possible futures (timelines) has a specific frequency. When we capture that frequency we can analyze and balance it just like any other "thing". It is not fortune telling per se, but it allows us the opportunity to see what may be coming and then decide a course of action.

So there is an optimal timeline for you. There are timelines where you become rich and famous as well as timelines where you are poor and miserable. Some time lines are filled with disease and dysfunction, others are filled with health and happiness.

What if you could manage your timeline? What if you could lay your timeline out on the table and examine it piece by piece. While you have it laid out, perhaps you would like to refine it here and there. Perhaps you see there is an issue you would like to address. Perhaps you would like your timeline to include some things that it is currently missing. How cool would it be if you could simply pencil in the things you want on your timeline and erase the things you don't want?

Does your current timeline resonate with the timeline of your partner, your business, or even your desires? As we have been taught; "if you can measure it, you can manage it." You will learn how to measure and manage timelines in the 5 Aces Summit.

Fortune tellers look at current patterns and tell their clients what to expect. Timelining is NOT fortune telling because we are not just looking.

Last year I introduced the concept of fractal patterns and the octaves of frequencies. This year we look at the Logarithmic Layers of Creation. Very few of the frequencies of our 3-D reality have logarithmic components. Those that do will open up possibilities for you that you have never imagined.

In the Hindu tradition (as I understand it) Brahma began exploring by pushing down and up at the same time, expanding reality. That mirrors the saying "as above, so below" and also explains the scientific explanation of the fractal patterns we see in this dimension. But in the Vedic teaching there was more. They taught that this expansion was logarithmic. Meaning the layers of reality were separated by factors of 10. That gives us the logarithmic layers of creation.

Love, compassion, and knowledge all have logarithmic components. Perhaps the ultimate causes we seek cannot be found in the 3D. Perhaps those causes are elsewhere. The research is still too preliminary to make any definitive conclusions, but the 5 Aces Students will get a chance to get their hands on some of these logarithmic reagents and see what they do.

Since we are this far "down the rabbit hole", our next stop combines the idea of a holographic universe where everything is connected and the idea that it is all controlled and maintained by consciousness. Imagine consciousness as a massive mainframe computer. Each of us is connected to this computer. We can call it the morphogenic field, if you like a science sounding name, or we can call it Source for you Age types or whatever, the name is not so important.

So, suppose this computer has all of these millions upon millions of programs running. It is connecting with each and every part of the Universe. It is sending and receiving information constantly. If we could look at the "computer task list" perhaps we could see which programs were active at any given point and how much CPU time they were using.

On my desktop I can see that my anti-virus program consumes a lot of resources, as does my word processor, but there are dozens of little programs that use almost no memory or CPU time. So let's take that analogy a step further.

When I connect to Source, I use a little bit of Source CPU time. My priority is roughly the same as everyone else's. If I focus and concentrate things manifest quicker for me than otherwise. On my desktop, if I change priorities on the task list, then some programs slow down where others speed up, that way I can run a diagnostic program in the background (slowly) while I continue to work.

In real life, if I my projects were to have a higher priority, they would manifest faster. Think of it as cutting in line ahead of everyone else. Since there are billions of people and untold trillions of other "programs" running at the same time, when I move up in priority, even if I were to consume twice as much "CPU" time as anyone else, it doesn't significantly slow anything else down.

Imagine the possibilities if you were able to cut the time it takes you to manifest by even 1/2. If our thoughts are focused and organized, we would see rapid and positive changes throughout your life. If your thoughts are chaotic or even negative, then we have a nearly unlimited potential to foul things up.

During the 5 Aces Summit we will be working with Power Up! You will get the chance to see how simply adding it to your work decreases your broadcast time. You may even want to take it with you when you go into meditation to help you reach those goals that seem just out of reach. I have seen some amazing things when I focus and use it MINDFULLY. But I caution you, with great power comes great responsibility, so this is NOT a reagent that I leave laying around or carry with me.

Manifesting your every thought sounds like a dream come true, and perhaps it can be, but this kind of power has always been reserved for just those individuals that have spent the hours, months and years disciplining their every thought. I am not here to judge anyone, or tell anyone whether they are ready for Power Up! or not. We will work with it in class, then you be the judge as to whether you are ready.

We are not done yet...

Have you every studied affirmations? Maybe you have read the Ponder books. How would you like to carry your affirmation with you and be bathed in that frequency where ever you go? Think of the possibilities of reagents such as; "Future View", "I am Source", "Biological Transmutation of Glyphosate", "Source Essence" and the list goes on.

For those of you who attended the first 5A workshop, I discouraged you from working on community service projects until you have worked on yourself. Now may be the time for you and new workshop attendees to learn how to use your cell phone to broadcast the frequencies you choose. See what happens when you clear hospitals, schools and municipal buildings. Imagine how things change when the "Spirit of Justice" is reintroduced to the legal system. If you are ready for community service, let me show you how you can do it right.

Community Service and service to others is not about simply "sending love". "Sending Love" feels good, but does little or nothing. Think about this, what is Love? In an energetic view, Love is the free flow of information and energy. If someone is sick and we simply increase the flow of information, what have we actually done?

Whatever manifested their issues, and whatever is going on simply happens easier and quicker for them. That may be exactly what you wish for them, but if the cause of the issue is still there, then you have simply made their lesson a much tougher one.

For example, suppose someone has cancer. Cancer has an emotional root of lack of self-love. Adding energy to that pattern does not make it go away, it makes it worse.

So for my money, if you feel you have the time and energy to work on community projects and community service we will take the time to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck and get the results you desire.

For those that have wondered about my 5 Aces classes, now you have an idea of what we will be covering. The Summit is not for the faint of heart. If you are not ready to take control of your life and take responsibility for the results, then perhaps this one is not for you. On the other hand, if you are ready then join me in exploring the cutting edge of radionic thought and research.

Join my Inner Circle and attend the 5 Aces Workshop Summit on 28-29 July 2018 in Des Moines, IA. Tuition is $995. Send a non-refundable $200 deposit to reserve your seat. Lunch is provided on site, and the lab will be open until 10:00 PM on the 28th for individual discussion, work, and research.

Class size is limited to 12 on a first come first serve basis. Due to the depth and scope of the material, I highly recommend you review the video of last year's class ($299). Five Aces tuition also includes private conference calls every 2 weeks, streaming videos of the event, and reagents at a discount.

To order the 20 streaming videos of the first 5 Aces event and also receive your bonus reagents valued at over $1000, or to reserve your seat at the 2018 event, email me at
marty@EveryAdvantage.net or call 515-270-2300.

If you found I have been distracted this year when you called or emailed me, this class will tell you why. When I told you that a basic class gives you the keys to the kingdom I had no idea how prophetic that statement was.

I told everyone last year this class is not for the faint of heart. We ask the hard questions and follow the trail no matter where it goes. Sometimes we end up questioning our deepest convictions, other times we are able to reaffirm the truths we hold most dear. But in any case, we go with our eyes wide open.

In the meantime, keep smiling and dialing! Marty