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RE: Why Subtle Energy Technology Is Growing
Fast In Europe, Australia And The United States.

"Marty has a proven track record of success helping clients resolve real-world problems using subtle energy techniques and technology. He also has the ability to share this knowledge with workshop partici-pants, whether they are brand-new beginners or fellow researchers who have decades of experience -- with a natural teaching style that's effective, illuminating, and fun!"

Ed Kelly, President / SE practitioner
Kelly Research Technologies, Inc.
Dear Friend,

Hi, my name is Marty Lucas and I'd like to reveal to you
a long-awaited discovery with your name on it.

However, before we get started I'd like to acknowledge
a misconception about subtle energy (SE) technology.

As with many major discoveries, no matter how beneficial they may be for healthier living and business growth, due
to politics and corporate greed they are suppressed and slower to be adopted in the United States.

Such is the case with subtle energy technology...

Like most new and controversial changes in traditional scientific thinking, SE technology has been ridiculed and violently opposed, and is now becoming accepted as self-evident as a workable and practical solution for many of today's problems, challenges, and discoveries.

"Marty Lucas is one of the best teachers I know. His ability to connect with all his students ensures everyone gets all they can out of his classes, whether a beginner or advanced energy worker. The energy and radionics work Marty does rates with the best in the industry!"

Scott Ertl, SE practitioner
organic dairy farmer, inventor
Plus, there are continents like Europe and Australia that openly embrace exceptional SE methodologies. In fact, in Europe you can earn a diploma and be admitted to practice. These countries are able to experience a healthier lifestyle and improved business management decisions through this ultimate gift from nature.

Over 80 Years of Proven And  
Successful Results Hidden From You...

Fortunately, there is already a mountain of evidence and positive results over the last 80+ years demonstrating the effectiveness of subtle energy technology for the conventional and organic farmer, veterinarian, nutritionist, chiropractor, massage therapist, alternative medicine and new age practitioners, other diverse professionals, and the layperson. Even so, we have barely scratched the surface of the possible applications of subtle energy technology.

You and I will proceed on that note of effectiveness, but if you're looking for a window into the fascinating history and technical details about this technology, please review this information.

"Best teacher I've ever had. He is brilliant in his field. His classes move at a comfortable rate of speed for all, from advanced to the beginners and I admire his patience. Marty is always well organized and has a sense of humor throughout his presentations that make his classes fun and informative."

Kathryn Nadeau, SE practitioner
farmer and small business owner
You can begin with two basic steps. Your goal to improve
your business management decisions, your health (including
your pets), eat more nutritious food, and live a longer, and
healthier and happier life will be among your many rewards.

But, your rewards won't come overnight and your ability to
make changes in your life is paramount to make it all come
together. Like anything you want to do well, (1) embracing
new information and practicing new habits and (2) learning
new technology are your keys to success in gaining your
personal and business rewards from SE technologies.

What Is Subtle Energy (SE) Technology?

In the last 50 years cutting edge science has delivered new technologies the mainstream community has yet to grasp. The foundation of these new technologies is based on the quantum field effects predicted by Einstein; which also include subatomic particles, scalar waves, and quantum physics. These effects are not only real, but the technology has been simplified so you can use it to improve your personal day-to-day living and business growth now.

Another notable inventor and scientist in this field includes Nikola Tesla, the father of scalar energy (subtle energy), who discovered alternating current electricity. He was decades ahead of his time in other scientific areas too, including subtle energy technology, where he completed successful experiments proven to deliver vast benefits for the masses.

"Marty Lucas is a highly-skilled and talented SE educator and con-sultant, as well as one who knows the ins-and-outs of organic farming. We are most fortunate to count him among those in our community of practice."

George Kuepper, VP Agriculture USPA
SE practitioner, teacher, author, and researcher
Then there was Marcel Vogel PhD, an IBM research scientist and the inventor of the magnetic coating for large hard disk drives. Doctor Vogel also studied subtle energy technology and liquid crystal systems. He realized that crystals store thought (information), and as you know, the crystal based computer chips responsible for the computer industry likewise store information.

Ultimately, Doctor Vogel developed his Vogel Cut® crystal based on little-known, time-proven measurements. They focus subtle energy in order to transform it to a higher level of resonance used in healing and environmental balance.

Another subtle energy worker, Slim Spurling (inventor and researcher) plus a like-minded group of energy workers set up subtle energy instruments around Denver, Colorado with the intention of reducing the smog pollution. Even though the project was successful, the project was halted due to a minimum of interest and support from the narrow-minded Denver bureaucrats.

"I just wanted to send out a great big thank you for your lecture. I bought the dvd and took copious notes, and for the past few months have used regularly to clear effects from trauma events, long-held negative emotions, and disruptive belief systems. It's been amazing as I have been able to put myself in an environment that had been the source of PTSD. I do expect to see other benefits in the long run. It is exciting, powerful, and so much faster than therapy and other techniques I've tried. A thousand thanks, I couldn't have done it without you."

Heather Weyers, SE student
There's also the first inventor of subtle energy instruments in America, Dr. Albert Abrams. Dr. Abrams, who was a lauded medical professor at Stanford University, was so advanced
in his diagnosis and treatment of disease with subtle energy technology that he was outcast from the same medical pro-fession that once praised and awarded him for his superior results. Sadly, his followers, many of whom were licensed medical practitioners, were also chastised.

To learn more about the intriguing history and technology
of subtle energy successes, including the innovations of G. Hieronymus, review this information. Among other notable achievements, Hieronymus PhD tracked NASA's Apollo lunar mission astronauts with subtle energy instruments during a time segment when NASA lost contact with the spacecraft.

Hieronymus PhD was also called upon by the medical pro-
fession to build medical diagnostic instruments using scalar energy (SE). He was able to diagnose and reverse disease
conditions with a great degree of success with these instru-
ments. His success with UKACO in significantly reducing chemical pesticides used in agriculture is also exemplary of his achievements using subtle energy techniques.

"Almost everyone relates a new idea to old known facts. If the new idea does not readily drop into place among the known facts, then the new idea is rejected, even though it might be observed in action." (Hieronymus)

Most scientists will deny the existence of radiations such as subtle energy (SE) because they have not discovered how to tune in to these radiations and because they never heard of such radiations -- just as the doctors of the French Academy denied the existence of bacteria as explained by Louis Pasteur (renowned for his discoveries of the principles of vaccination, microbial fermentation, and pasteurization).

Or, as another example, newspaper editors in the U.S. refused to believe for nearly 5 years that the Wright Brothers had been flying a heavier than air transport carrying a person. The list of examples like this goes on and on throughout history...

Now is the time for you to become a believer in the subtle energy (SE) benefits awaiting you too!

If all of the researchers who comprehend this ultimate gift from nature could meet together to correlate their findings, science and the understanding of the universal law would be advanced by decades. This would eliminate the pseudo experts who guard the past, and at present hold back the future, in order to protect their status among scientific colleagues.

How Can You Use Subtle Energy (SE) Technology?

By now you may be thinking that subtle energy technology has a wide range of applications, and you are right. Even more so, the immeasurable array of applications can make it difficult for you to grasp the enormity of this technology -- a technology that leaves all other technologies far behind, including computer technology with AI (artificial intelligence).

For example, in daily living you can use subtle energy practice with great success to select the right products and foods for you and your family, and even where to buy your next house or hire the best contractor. If you are a farmer, you can have healthier livestock and greater crop yields using less polluting fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides while reducing your inventory, overhead, and cash outlay.

And, in high stress environments you can use subtle energy practice to select the correct course of action when there is no obvious path to the right solution. The applications for subtle energy technology can also help you solve problems that have been taxing you for years.

"Marty is a great teacher both in the classroom and one-on-one coaching. He has the ability to get the information across no matter how deep the subject is and he will help you understand it! He certainly 'thinks outside the box' and this allows the student to grow and see things in a different light. I would highly recommend Marty, his classes, and his services to bring you to the next level."

Pam Gillmore, SE practitioner
As your personal life or business becomes more complicated and challenging, subtle energy technology can help you de- liver desired results to help smooth out the road ahead. You can achieve instant viable answers through this technology without the hodgepodge of propaganda, advertising, and ill-fated advice from well-meaning friends bombarding you daily.

Even though results from subtle energy technologies may at times seem magical, even miraculous...it's just science at its finest. And, the best part of it all is that you can benefit from the newest instrument breakthrough that simplifies this tech- nology for your personal and business use.

Arthur C. Clarke (inventor, undersea explorer, brilliant futurist and co-writer of 2001: A Space Odyssey) once stated, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." If subtle energy technology seems contrary to what you believe is possible to provide a healthier lifestyle and better your business management decisions and processes, here are two examples in history that make it easy for you to say "yes" to subtle energy practices.

"Marty's work and abilities gave me answers that I had been searching for over 18 years. He was able to give me peace and resolution, and put those concerns to rest. I don't know how much more one could do for another. Thank you, Marty!"

Patty Holt, Agricultural SE practitioner
serving farmers and ranchers
In the late 1800s, many inventors including the notable
Nikola Tesla and Marconi experimented with radio waves
for developing wireless communication. In the early 1900s, Marconi commercialized radio by opening the first radio factory. And, when radio was revealed to the public, people thought it was a miracle of science.

In addition, decades later when TV was commercialized, people thought that TV was another miracle of science too. Now, you and I both take radio and television for granted even though most people know little about how the technology actually works.

As history repeats itself, soon the miracle and magic of science in subtle energy technology will also be taken for granted in America and around the world, just as it has become accepted and commonly practiced in Europe and Australia too.

Who Embraces Subtle Energy (SE) Technology?

Since subtle energy technologies are now viewed as viable practices; there are doctors, veterinarians, PhDs, laypeople, manufacturers, researchers, nutritionists, farmers, physicists, inventors, engineers, and other professionals from around the globe exploring the business, health, and living benefits of nature's ultimate gift to science that you can use now.

"Marty is that special person you wish you would have met many years ago. He's compassionate and wants to help you get the most out of life. Marty was a key component in helping me achieve a 30 year old dream come true!"

Lee Roberts, SE practitioner
In order for you to bring this captivating technology into your daily life, you can gain great insight through my 10+ years
of successful consulting and educating in subtle energy practices.

To your benefit, you can finally move away from the dan-
gerous chemicals and destructive technologies keeping you and your family from being your best mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially.

Review the comments from my colleagues and clients, as they can give you a glimpse how you can change your life too. My goal in working with you is simply to empower you with the knowledge and techniques to take advantage of your natural abilities using the newest technology.

When you are fortunate to have the opportunity to meet professional subtle energy practitioners, or talk with farmers and other professionals succeeding beyond their expectations with this technology, keep in mind they were once where you are today. But, they made the choice to align SE technology with their lives and businesses. Now, it's your turn!

Contact me today at marty@EveryAdvantage.net to schedule a 20-40 minute phone meeting to discuss your needs and discover the rewards waiting for you once you embrace this magnificent gift from nature (there is no charge for our meeting). In the email subject window please insert the words "meeting request".  Sincerely, Marty Lucas